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The disability employment gap in European countries: What is the role of labour market policy?

Social investment in the Baltic states: Benefits against poverty and distribution of social risks over the life course

Estimating Market Fundamentals from REIT data

Economic Profitability and (Non)Additivity of Residual Income

Exploring payback-year based feed-in tariff mechanisms in Australia

Breeding Stage and Tissue Isotopic Consistency Suggests Colony-Level Flexibility in Niche Breadth of An Arctic Marine Bird

Strategic Participation of Residential Thermal Demand Response in Energy and Capacity Markets

Infrastructures de transport et croissance économique : Une analyse économétrique à travers le modèle autorégressif à retards échelonnés ARDL

Macroeconomic Impact of Pension System Upon Private Pension Funds Scheme. Empirical Evidence from Central and Eastern European Countries

The effect of global crises on stock market correlations: Evidence from scalar regressions via functional data analysis

Levelized cost of electricity considering electrochemical energy storage cycle-life degradations

Huawei’s Competition Strategy: A Financial Perspective

Time-Series Momentum: Is It There?

The Problem With Current Proposals to Address High Medicare Part B Drug Prices

Does S-STEM Pay? A Return on Investment Analysis

Environmental and cost feasibility analysis when implementing LEED certification: a case study applied to an affordable housing project in Bogota D.C.

Understanding real estate investments through big data goggles: A granular approach on initial yields

Islamic finance instruments for promoting long-run investment in the light of the well-being criterion (maslaha)

Sovereign Exposures of European Banks: It Is Not All Doom

Investments under non-stationarity: economic evaluation of adaptation pathways

The Siren Song of Litigation Funding

Reinventing climate investing: building equity portfolios for climate risk mitigation and adaptation

The Life-Cycle and Character of Crypto-Assets: A Framework for Regulation and Investor Protection

How Farmers Make Investment Decisions: Evidence from a Farmer Survey in China

Personality and Intelligence: Examining the Associations of Investment-related Personality Traits with General and Specific Intelligence

Evaluation and Selection of R&D Projects using Multi-Criteria Decision Making Method

Practical Applications of The Need for Localized Risk (Venture) Capital: Place-Based Impact Investing

Financial Modelling for Business Sustainability: A Study of Business Correspondent Model of Financial Inclusion in India

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Investment Perspective 투자 관점

Investment Perspective 투자 관점
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