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Investment Level sentence examples within Optimal Investment Level

Options Trading Activity and the Efficiency of Corporate Investment

Whether to invest in terminal efficiency: A perspective considering customer preference and capital constraint in competitive environment?

Investment Level sentence examples within Low Investment Level

Integrated assessment modeling reveals near-channel management as cost-effective to improve water quality in agricultural watersheds

Domestic Demand and Foreign Trade: The Brazilian Growth Trajectory

Investment Level sentence examples within High Investment Level

Relationship finance, informed liquidity, and monetary policy

Determining optimal laser-beam cutting equipment investment through a robust optimization modeling approach

Investment Level sentence examples within Increased Investment Level

The effect of legacy pollution information on landowner investments in water quality: lessons from economic experiments in the field and the lab

Managerial optimism and investment decision in the UK

Investment Level sentence examples within Innovation Investment Level

Does the Land Market Have an Impact on Green Total Factor Productivity? A Case Study on China

Investment in environmental innovation with environmental regulation and consumers’ environmental awareness: A dynamic analysis

Investment Level sentence examples within D Investment Level

2019 R&D Trends Forecast

A new discussion on the relationship between M&A and innovation in an emerging market: the moderating effect of post-acquisition R&D investment

Investment Level sentence examples within Examining Investment Level

Positive linkage between bacterial social traits reveals that homogeneous rather than specialized behavioral repertoires prevail in natural Pseudomonas communities

Positive linkage between bacterial social traits reveals that homogeneous rather than specialized behavioral repertoires prevail in natural Pseudomonas communities.

Investment Level sentence examples within Higher Investment Level

Corporate governance and earnings management in family firms

Do Firms Hedge During Distress?

Investment Level sentence examples within Lower Investment Level

Nonfinancial Measures and Fraud Risk:Evaluating Investors’ Reactions to Greater Transparency

Strategic investment decisions under the nuclear power debate in Belgium

Investment Level sentence examples within Average Investment Level

Infrastructure investment and economic growth quality: empirical analysis of China’s regional development

Intangible capital distribution in China

Investment Level sentence examples within Asset Investment Level

Spatiotemporal Evolution and Influencing Factors of Urban Land Ecological Security in Yunnan Province

Venture Capital and Industrial Structure Upgrading from the Perspective of Spatial Spillover

Investment Level sentence examples within Aggregate Investment Level

Risk preference heterogeneity in group contests

Stock market liberalization: implications on cost of capital in emerging Islamic countries

Investment Level sentence examples within Corporate Investment Level

What Drives Growth: Analyzing Quantitative Factors and their Variation across Sectors

Accounting conservatism: Does business strategy and investment level matter?

Investment Level sentence examples within Advertising Investment Level

Closed-loop Supply Chain with Advertising Investment and Reward-Penalty Mechanism Based on Different CSR Sharing Models

Research on online advertising attention evaluation decision based on the stability of delay differential equations and Hopf bifurcation analysis.

Investment Level sentence examples within investment level significantly

Research about the impact of transportation infrastructure on economic growth in a transportation power

Fiscal decentralization and its impact on industrial development in Jambi Province

All-pay competition with captive consumers

Layer and structural components of modern investment security of the country

Pension funds as fuel for overall investment level and economic growth: An empirical insight from South African economy

Optimal Strategies of Retailers Facing Potential Crisis in an Online-to-Offline Supply Chain

Cooperation of green R&D in supply chain with downstream competition

Regional Diversity of Technical Efficiency in Agriculture as a Results of an Overinvestment: A Case Study from Poland

Government investment strategy and platform pricing decisions with the cross-market network externality

Stakeholder relationship capability and investment efficiency: a mosaic theory test

Resource Pooling for Shared Fate: Incentivizing Effort in Interdependent Security Games Through Cross-Investments

Supplier development under cooperative and non-cooperative investment structures

Research on Identification and Measurement Methods of Influencing Factors of Investment in Operation and Maintenance

Implementing Environmental and Social Responsibility Programs in Supply Networks Through Multiunit Bilateral Negotiation

Seed Investment Bounds for Viral Marketing Under Generalized Diffusion and Selection Guidance

Do firm characteristics affect debt capacity? Evidence in CEO succession

Enhancing Portfolio Performance and VIX Futures Trading Timing with Markov-Switching GARCH Models

CEO Compensation Incentives and Playing It Safe: Evidence from FAS 123R

Forward-Looking Volatility Estimation for Risk-Managed Investment Strategies during the COVID-19 Crisis

The Financial Determinants of Investment Level Based on the Direction of Production of Agricultural Enterprises in the European Union

Integrating Agro-tourism and Trekking for Accelerated Yielding of Pelaga Rural Tourism Development

A bi-level robust planning model for active distribution networks considering uncertainties of renewable energies

Solar Energy in Low Temperature District Heating

Capital market development and economic growth in Nigeria

Sequential vs. Simultaneous Trust

Building conditions in Norwegian local governments: trends and determinants

The Economic Consequences of Expanding Accounting Recognition

The Effect of a Major Customer’s Information Quality on Its Supplier’s Investment Decisions

Incentive Mechanism of R&D Firms’ Collaborative Innovation Based on Organisational Ambidexterity

Perceiving the Real Value: Inflation Communication, Money Illusion, and the Attractiveness of Investing

Incentivizing effort in interdependent security games using resource pooling

Quality risk in logistics outsourcing: A fourth party logistics perspective

Multi-objective model for optimizing railway infrastructure asset renewal

Seed Investment Bounds for Viral Marketing under Generalized Diffusion

Political Regimes, Investment and Electoral Uncertainty

Towards the EU Emission Targets of 2050: Cost-Effective Emission Reduction in Finnish Detached Houses

Marketing automation innovation practices and customer retention performance: evidence from the Nigerian manufacturing SMEs

Do Speed Bumps Curb Low-Latency Trading? Evidence From a Laboratory Market

Owners’ Portfolio Diversification and Firm Investment

Allocating Spending On Digital-Video Advertising

Developing Green: A Case for the Brazilian Manufacturing Industry

The Impact of High-Speed Rail on Housing Prices: Evidence from China’s Prefecture-Level Cities

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