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Investment decisions of family firms in the three largest euro countries: the role of the financial crisis

Female Executives Leadership on Non-Efficiency Investment of Private Listed Companied in China

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The Level of Regional Economic Development, Green Image, and Enterprise Environmental Protection Investment: Empirical Evidence from China

Influence of precaution and dynamic post-indemnity based insurance policy on controlling the propagation of epidemic security risks in networks

Will the development of the financial industry cause environmental pollution?

Exploring Investment Behavior of Women Entrepreneur: Some Future Directions

Retirement Income Beliefs and Financial Advice Seeking Behaviors

A dataset on affiliation of venture capitalists in China between 2000 and 2016

Industry policy, cross-region investment, and enterprise investment efficiency

The impact of government subsidies on the capacity utilization of zombie firms

Financial Literacy and Suboptimal Financial Decisions at Older Ages

Framing Effect and Financial Wellbeing: Role of Investment Behaviors as Mediator

Essays on Bank Lending, Industrial Policy, and Firm Performance

An Empirical Study on the Background Characteristics of Executives and Enterprise Investment Efficiency

The topology of indirect correlation networks formed by common assets

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Investment Behaviors 투자 행동

Investment Behaviors 투자 행동
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