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“Overrated Anxiety”——Impact of Corona Virus Disease 2019 Epidemic on Anxiety Levels of Chinese Population

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Brief Report: Test-Retest Reliability of Cognitive, Affective, and Spontaneous Theory of Mind Tasks Among School-Aged Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Alcohol Consumption Behavior among Undergraduate Students in Thailand: Development of a New Causal Relationship Model

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Adolescent Exposure to Violence and Intimate-Partner Violence Mediated by Mental Distress.

Estimating the Magnitude of the Relation Between Bullying, E-Bullying, and Suicidal Behaviors Among United States Youth, 2015.

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Making things happen: the need for implementation research

A pilot study of a brief inpatient social-skills training for young adults with psychosis.

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‘At this [adherence] club, we are a family now’: A realist theory-testing case study of the antiretroviral treatment adherence club, South Africa

Unravelling how and why the Antiretroviral Adherence Club Intervention works (or not) in a public health facility: A realist explanatory theory-building case study

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Alcohol Consumption Behavior among Undergraduate Students in Thailand: Development of a New Causal Relationship Model

Sense of Purpose in Life and Subsequent Physical, Behavioral, and Psychosocial Health: An Outcome-Wide Approach.

What mechanisms drive uptake of family planning when integrated with childhood immunisation in Ethiopia? A realist evaluation

Study protocol for a feasibility trial in community pharmacy of a personalised behaviour change intervention to reduce reliever reliance and overuse in individuals with asthma.

Parentification Among Young Carers: A Concept Analysis

Multi-component cognitive intervention for older adults with mixed cognitive levels: implementation and preliminary effectiveness in real-world settings

Knowledge of Postnatal Care among Confinement Ladies in Malaysia during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Pilot Study

Alcohol, cannabis, and tobacco polysubstance use: A latent profile analysis of age of onset.

Social and clinical studies of interventions towards HIV cure

The Effectiveness of De-Escalation Techniques as Compared to Physical Restraint/Seclusion on Inpatient Psychiatric Units: A Quantitative Systematic Review.

The Clean pilot study: evaluation of an environmental hygiene intervention bundle in three Tanzanian hospitals

Reflective Goal-Setting Improves Academic Performance in Teacher and Business Education: A Large-Scale Field Experiment

Why Does a Growth Mindset Intervention Impact Achievement Differently across Secondary Schools? Unpacking the Causal Mediation Mechanism from a National Multisite Randomized Experiment

A Process Evaluation of A UK Classroom-Based Physical Activity Intervention—‘Busy Brain Breaks’

Evaluating Response Shift in Statistical Mediation Analysis

Challenges for Nontechnical Implementation of Digital Proximity Tracing During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Media Analysis of the SwissCovid App

Application of the Zero Emission Refurbishment method at a district scale

Understanding eHealth Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Targeting Substance Use: Realist Review

“I Wish to Continue Receiving the Reminder Short Messaging Service”: A Mixed Methods Study on the Acceptability of Digital Adherence Tools Among Adults Living with HIV on Antiretroviral Treatment in Tanzania

Development of Teachers’ PCK for a Scientific Inquiry-based Teaching Approach in Namibia’s Rural Schools

It’s Not Just What You Do but the Way You Do It: A Systematic Review of Process Evaluation of Interventions to Improve Gross Motor Competence

Exploring the uptake and use of electronic cigarettes provided to smokers accessing homeless centres: a four-centre cluster feasibility trial

Engaging haitian community leaders in emergency preparedness

Evaluating Complex Interventions Using Qualitative Longitudinal Research: A Case Study of Understanding Pathways to Violence Prevention

Optimizing Production and Improving Well Accessibility With Expandable Technology

Encouraging the resumption of economic activity after COVID-19: Evidence from a large scale field experiment in China

Development of a Programme Theory for Early Intervention Vocational Rehabilitation: A Realist Literature Review

Unpacking context in realist evaluations: Findings from a comprehensive review

Facilitated reflection meetings as a relational approach to problem-solving within long-term care facilities

Coping, social support, and anxiety in people with Mast Cell Disorders.

Interventional prevention of paradoxical embolism as the gold standard: End of discussion?

The role and challenges of cluster randomised trials for global health.

Acceptability of a Mobile Health Behavior Change Intervention for Cancer Survivors With Obesity or Overweight: Nested Mixed Methods Study Within a Randomized Controlled Trial.

Implementation of evidence-based health promotion and disease prevention interventions: theoretical and practical implications of the concept of transferability for decision-making and the transfer process

Context-acceptability theories: example of family planning interventions in five African countries

Assessing the impact of a motivational intervention to improve the working lives of maternity healthcare workers: a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of a feasibility study in Malawi

Effective Electrical Submersible Pump Management Using Machine Learning

Juicios metacognitivos en población infantil: una revisión de las tendencias conceptuales en investigación

What is realist research, when should we consider it, how and why?

Intervenir en tiempos de pandemia. Adaptaciones metodológicas y condiciones laborales en el “Programa Familias”

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A Teacher-Focused Intervention to Enhance Students’ Classroom Engagement

[Theory of change: a tool for participatory planning and evaluation in community health].

Identification and Description of Potentially Influential Social Network Members using the Strategic Player Approach

Mejoramiento de un programa informático para la selección de nuevas tecnologías de control de arena de tipo mecánico en campos operados por Ecopetrol S.A.

Assessing the impact of context during the implementation of a co-designed, collective leadership intervention

Use of composite outcomes facilitate core outcome set uptake in rheumatoid arthritis trials

A systematic review of interventions for older adults living in jails and prisons

Paper Title: Monitoring Scour Or Sediment Build-Up at Offshore Wind Farms, Intake Structures of Hydroelectric Power Plants & Dams and Bridge Piers

The FAFA (FAn on FAce) trial: A randomized clinical trial on the effect of a fan blowing air on the face to relieve dyspnea in Filipino patients with terminal cancer

Profiles of Antisocial Behavior in School-Based and At-Risk Adolescents in Singapore: A Latent Class Analysis

Measures to reduce the exposure of waste collection workers to handborne and airborne microorganisms and inflammogenic dust.

A Commentary and Reflections on the Field of Organizational Sport Psychology

RCT evaluation of Skhokho: A holistic school intervention to prevent gender-based violence among South African Grade 8s

A Framework for Analyzing and Measuring Usage and Engagement Data (AMUsED) in Digital Interventions: Viewpoint

Parental active tracking measures and health behaviors during high school and college.

Do Violence Acceptance and Bystander Actions Explain the Effects of Green Dot on Reducing Violence Perpetration in High Schools?

Sedentary Time and Behavior during School: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Revealing a safer sex option to reduce HIV risk: a cluster-randomized trial in Botswana


Cluster randomised trials: useful for interventions delivered to groups

Revisão realista como metodologia para utilização de evidências em políticas de saúde: uma revisão integrativa.

A proactive targeted approach to preventing adolescent aggressive behaviours

Constellations of risk factors as moderators of the impact of a randomized intervention on students’ reading skills in rural India

Improved Appetite Ratings with Addition of Self-monitoring Wearable Device to an 8-week Weight Loss Intervention Focused on Reducing Eating Rate (P16-005-19).

1278-P: Innovative Quality Improvement Medical Education Program for General Practitioners in Japan

Protocol for the process evaluation of the promoting activity, independence and stability in early dementia and mild cognitive impairment (PrAISED 2) randomised controlled trial.

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Intervention Work 중재 작업

Intervention Work 중재 작업
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