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Challenging Standard Economics and Policies

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Evaluation of Atrazine Neurodevelopment Toxicity in vitro-Application of hESC-based Neural Differentiation Model.

Digital transformation and financial inclusion

International Initiative sentence examples within Several International Initiative

Identifying common enablers and barriers in European health information systems.

The forest restoration frontier

International Initiative sentence examples within Numerou International Initiative

Evaluation of the effect of neoadjuvant treatment in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.

Blood Ties and the Immunitary Bioeconomy

International Initiative sentence examples within Evaluation International Initiative

Technical Note – AQMEII4 Activity 1: Evaluation of Wet and Dry Deposition Schemes as an Integral Part of Regional-Scale Air Quality Models

Modelling black carbon absorption of solar radiation: combining external and internal mixing assumptions

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A Bottomless Well and Other Solutions

Between the High Ideals and Reality: Managing COVID-19 Vaccine Nationalism

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Ditching candidate gene association studies: lessons from psychiatric genetics

Multimedia Competencies for University Staff to Empower Manufacturing Science Education

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Handwritten Character Recognition on Android for Basic Education Using Convolutional Neural Network

The CORDEX‐Australasia ensemble: evaluation and future projections

Toward a Climate and Calibration Observatory in space: NASA CLARREO Pathfinder and ESA TRUTHS

Do financial inclusion schemes empower women? Evidence on what works from India’s National Rural Livelihoods Project

A large-scale bibliometric analysis of global climate change research between 2001 and 2018

Активізація міжнародної співпраці у сфері забезпечення кібербезпеки: шляхи удосконалення в реаліях сьогодення

Review of the genomic landscape of common pediatric CNS tumors and how data sharing will continue to shape this landscape in the future.

Social Life of Senior Citizens: A Review of Therapeutic Effects of Gardening for Wellbeing in Urban Nepal

Restorative Approaches to Honoring Human Dignity and Transforming Urban Schools

The “Sub-regional Mediterranean Sea indicators” viualization tool: from event detection to climate change estimations

Strengths and challenges of the COSMIN tools in outcome measures appraisal: A case example for speech-language therapy.

Estimating soil organic carbon stock change at multiple scales using machine learning and multivariate geostatistics

Conducting national burden of disease studies in small countries in Europe– a feasible challenge?

The Politicisation of International Legal Instruments Protecting Foreign Investment in Latin America Through States’ Articulation of Sovereign Rights

Soundscapes in the German Baltic Sea Before and During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Opening Marine Long-Term Ecological Science: Lesson Learned From the LTER-Italy Site Northern Adriatic Sea

Efficiency Near the Edge: Increasing the Energy Efficiency of FFTs on GPUs for Real-Time Edge Computing

International and domestic initiatives for e-commerce regulation

Implementation of SDG 16: Russia’s Role and Actions

Organisational best practices for advancing women in leadership: protocol for a systematic literature review

Recreational Harvest of Sharks and Rays in Western Australia is only a Minor Component of the Total Harvest

Integrating the Health-care Enterprise Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Guideline for Digital Pathology Interoperability

Reporting quality of TMS studies in neurological conditions: A critical appraisal of the main gaps, challenges and clinical implications

Projections of regional climate change in Ukraine based on multi-model ensembles of Euro-CORDEX

Towards a European framework for community engagement in higher education – a case study analysis of European universities

Evaluation of the initial response in clinical trial efforts for COVID-19 in Brazil.

The Gender Gap in Engineering Programs in Colombia


The Open Brain Consent: Informing research participants and obtaining consent to share brain imaging data

COVID-19 vaccine exclusion based on legal residence is unwise and unethical


Prevalence, Common Causes and Effects of Technical Debt: Results from a Family of Surveys with the IT Industry

Regulating AI: Considerations that Apply Across Domains

Forest Restoration in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

The emergence of city food networks: Rescaling the impact of urban food policies


Cancer clinical trials in Brazil: Limitations and possibilities for health innovation

German Reproducibility Network - a new platform for Open Science in Germany

Systematic University Decision Making Based on Footprint Identifiers

A NEA review on innovative structural materials solutions, including advanced manufacturing processes for nuclear applications based on technology readiness assessment

High global consumption of potentially inappropriate fixed dose combination antibiotics: Analysis of data from 75 countries

Malondialdehyde in Dried Blood Spots: A Biomarker of Systemic Lipid Peroxidation Linked to Cardiopulmonary Effects

Ecosystem-Based Approaches and Policy Perspectives: Towards an Integrated Blue–Green Solutions in Vietnam

Improved x-ray mass attenuation coefficient (opacity) measurements for Fe, Ni and Au

Can Rana Plaza happen again in Bangladesh?

International initiative for a curated SDHB variant database improving the diagnosis of hereditary paraganglioma and pheochromocytoma

Surviving sudden cardiac arrest—successes, challenges, and opportunities

Climate Change: Reversing the Past and Advancing the Future

Argonauts and Icaruses: Social networks and dynamics of nascent international entrepreneurs

Preprints in times of COVID19: the time is ripe for agreeing on terminology and good practices

The Expanding Scope, Inclusivity, and Integration of Music in Healthcare: Recent Developments, Research Illustration, and Future Direction

Women in thoracic surgery: European perspectives.

Ciguatera poisonings: A global review of occurrences and trends.

Conceptualizing and Fostering the Quality of CES Through a Dutch National Network on CES (NEON)

‘Too many mice make no lining for their nest’ – Reasons and effects of parallel governmental structures for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in Southern Africa

Burden of venous thromboembolism in patients with pancreatic cancer

Nature-Based Climate Solutions Require Us to Answer the “Where” and the “Who”

The Gradual Integration of CCUS into National and Regional Strategies for Climate Change Mitigation, Energy Transition, Ecological Transition, Research and Innovation: An Overview for France

The journey to establishing an IT-infrastructure within the German Biobank Alliance

Projections of shipping emissions and the related impact on air pollution and human health in the Nordic region

Effect of a Low-Cost Behaviour Change Intervention on Latrine Use and Safe Child Faeces Disposal in Rural Odisha, India: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial

The CORBEL matrix on informed consent in clinical studies: a multidisciplinary approach of Research Infrastructures Building Enduring Life-science Services

Three Approaches to Restoration and Their Implications for Social Inclusion

Open Access Transition: A view through the lens of a librarian

Drivers of sustainability practices and contributions to sustainable development evident in sustainability reports of European mining companies

Regulating News and Disinformation on Digital Platforms

Patient education program at the forefront of cancer-associated thrombosis care

Indigenous Made in Africa Evaluation Frameworks: Addressing Epistemic Violence and Contributing to Social Transformation

COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance in a Sample From the United Arab Emirates General Adult Population: A Cross-Sectional Survey, 2020

Cost and cost-effectiveness of a universal HIV testing and treatment intervention in Zambia and South Africa: evidence and projections from the HPTN 071 (PopART) trial

Indirect Evidentiality and Its Manifestation in Chinese Language Political Discourse

Projections of shipping emissions and the related impact on air pollution and human health in the Nordic region

Intra-Annual Identification of Local Deforestation Hotspots in the Philippines Using Earth Observation Products

Simulation in Nursing Education Programs: Findings From an International Exploratory Study

Towards the investigation of the tensor fascia lata muscle and iliotibial band function in runners: the relevance of the why and the how

Thirty years of research into hate speech: topics of interest and their evolution

Tecnologias digitais, formação de professores e de pesquisadores na pós-graduação: relações entre as iniciativas brasileiras e internacionais

Climate and Land-Use Change Effects on Soil Carbon Stocks over 150 Years in Wisconsin, USA

Higher-order chromosomal structures mediate genome function.

Chapter 11:CCS in the Iron and Steel Industry

Promote Open Science within the DRIIHM Interdisciplinary Research Facility on Human- Environment Interactions: Co-design of an e-infrastructure implementing the FAIR Principles

Variational Autoencoders for Cancer Data Integration: Design Principles and Computational Practice

Dementia care in high-income countries.

Interdisciplinary Computer Science Pre-service TeacherPreparation: Panel

Selected cartographic products of the Polish Geological Survey in light of the international data standards and OneGeology experience

Citizen engagement in public services in low‐ and middle‐income countries: A mixed‐methods systematic review of participation, inclusion, transparency and accountability (PITA) initiatives

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