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The Global Impact of Brexit Uncertainty

The Global Impact of Brexit Uncertainty

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Waste recycling patents and environmental innovations: An economic analysis of policy instruments in the USA, Japan and Europe.

Firm Size and Sustainable Innovation: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis

Key Risks of Internationalization

Managing structural inter-organizational tensions in complex product systems projects: Lessons from the Metis case

Busy Boards and Corporate Earnings Management: An International Analysis

The Elephant in the Room: The Impact of Labor Obligations on Credit Markets

Semiotic Advertising by International Firms: A Comparative Study of Premium Smart Phone Brands in China, South Korea and USA

Seeing or believing? Cross-listing and the earnings response

Inertia, uncertainty, and exploratory partner selection

Beyond country image favorability: How brand positioning via country personality stereotypes enhances brand evaluations

Promoting Cultural Awareness: A Means of Managing Global Diversity

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Domestic Value Creation in the Involvement in Global Value Chains in Asian Economies: Role of Supporting Industries

Inviting the Suppliers to Join the Conversation

Know to grow: the role of knowledge integration in marketing dynamic capabilities

Understanding New Religion-Compliant Product Adoption (NRCPA) in Islamic Markets

Lean manufacturing and operational performance

The Rise of the Hybrid Domain: Collaborative Governance for Social Innovation by Yuko Aoyama and Balaji Parthasarathy (review)

Do all diversified firms hold less cash? The role of product market competition

Do Gender Quotas Lead to Gender Equality

Big data and its strategic path to value in international firms

The Heterogeneity of Levels of Green Innovation by Firms in International Contexts: A Study Based on the Home-Country Institutional Profile

Do board characteristics drive firm performance? An international perspective

The role of cooperation agreements in the internationalization of Spanish winery and olive oil family firms

Do global firms increase their environmental disclosure and performance? Symbolic versus effective operations and the moderating role of liability of origin. Legitimation implications

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International Firms 국제 기업

International Firms 국제 기업
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