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University Partnerships Management in Times of Pandemics – Mission (Im)Possible

A Survey Study of English Speaking Strategies Use: Evidence from Chinese High School Students of International Department

Cholelithiasis and cholecystitis in children and adolescents: Does this increasing diagnosis require a common guideline for pediatricians and pediatric surgeons?

Challenges and Barriers to Internationalization from the Perspective of Faculty Members and Staff of the International Department of Iran, Tehran and Shahid Beheshti Universities of Medical Sciences

Benefits and drawbacks of the national and foreign engineering education. Development trends

On the Reflexive Formation of the “Human Capital” of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee

Pedagogical support of future teacher for academic mobility at the university

El Departamento de Internacional de la Presidencia del Gobierno, núcleo y motor de la política exterior española (1976-1996)

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Internationalization of Higher Pedagogical Education

International actors of democracy assistance in Egypt post 2011: German political foundations

Do Chambers of Commerce have an added value in the web 2.0 era? Commercial missions by the Chamber of Barcelona as an internationalisation tool for Catalan firms in a digital world

The Historical Background and Content of Oh Kiyŏng’s Middle-of-the-Road Nationalism in Korea, 1919-1948

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International Department 국제학과

International Department 국제학과
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