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In situ synthesis of poly (γ- glutamic acid)/alginate/AgNP composite microspheres with antibacterial and hemostatic properties.

Encapsulation of Trichoderma harzianum conidia as a method of conidia preservation at room temperature and propagation in submerged culture

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Crosslinking Strategies for Microfluidic Production of Microgels

Crosslinking Strategies for the Microfluidic Production of Microgels

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Fabrication of zirconium nitride nanopowder with a high specific surface area by introducing fructose as a double-function additive

Key properties of mixed cerium and zirconium microspheres prepared by the internal gelation process with previously boiled HMTA and urea

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Internal Gelation sentence examples within internal gelation technique

Influence of Free and Encapsulated Olive Leaf Phenolic Extract on the Storage Stability of Single and Double Emulsion Salad Dressings

Characterization of zirconium carbide microspheres synthesized via internal gelation

Fabrication and Evaluation of Alginate/Bacterial Cellulose Nanocrystals–Chitosan–Gelatin Composite Scaffolds

Structural investigation in strontium titanate (SrTiO3) synthesized by gel-combustion method and in-gelation method: a TDPAC and XRD study

The role of mixing sequence in structuring O/W emulsions and emulsion gels produced by electrostatic protein-polysaccharide interactions between soy protein isolate-coated droplets and alginate molecules

Modified-release of encapsulated bioactive compounds from annatto seeds produced by optimized ionic gelation techniques

One-Step microfluidic synthesis of spherical and bullet-like alginate microcapsules with a core–shell structure

Two‐step sedimentation process for selection of microcapsules containing cell aggregates

Colon-specific microspheres loaded with puerarin reduce tumorigenesis and metastasis in colitis-associated colorectal cancer.

Extending Viability of Bifidobacterium longum in Chitosan-Coated Alginate Microcapsules Using Emulsification and Internal Gelation Encapsulation Technology

Simulation of the microfluidic mixing and the droplet generation for 3D printing of nuclear fuels

Evaluation of recycle pathways for out-of-specification uranium microspheres from the internal gelation process

Fabrication of UO2-Mo composite fuel with enhanced thermal conductivity from sol-gel feedstock

Growth and survival of microencapsulated probiotics prepared by emulsion and internal gelation

Enhancing encapsulation efficiency of alginate capsules containing lactic acid bacteria by using different divalent cross-linkers sources

Culture of yeast cells immobilized by alginate-chitosan microcapsules in aqueous-organic solvent biphasic system

Survival of encapsulated probiotics in pasteurized grape juice and evaluation of their properties during storage

Preparation of cerium dioxide microspheres by internal gelation with cerium citrate as precursor

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Internal Gelation 내부 겔화

Internal Gelation 내부 겔화
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