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Effect of gradation segregation on low-temperature crack resistance of asphalt pavement using 3D DEM

Effect of Initial Granular Structure on the Evolution of Contact Force Chains

Internal Contact sentence examples within internal contact stres

On the role of pore-fluid pressure evolution and hypoplasticity in debris flows

Debris Flows with Pore Pressure and Intergranular Friction on Rugged Topography

Internal Contact sentence examples within internal contact surface

Investigation on microbial contamination in the cold storage room of domestic refrigerators

Modeling the axial-torsional response of metallic strands accounting for the deformability of the internal contact surfaces: Derivation of the symmetric stiffness matrix

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Internal Contact sentence examples within internal contact point

Emergency Preparedness and Response for Corona virus Disease (COVID-19) in Hospitals of Kaski District

New Approach to Molded Case Circuit Breakers Maintenance System Using Nanoparticles

In-situ growth of needle-like Co3O4 on cobalt foam as a self-supported cathode for electrochemical reduction of nitrate

Nonlinear convergence in contact mechanics: Immersed boundary finite volume

Electrical Unfolding of Cytochrome c During Translocation Through a Nanopore Constriction

Electrical unfolding of cytochrome c during translocation through a nanopore constriction


An all-rubber-based woven nanogenerator with improved triboelectric effect for highly efficient energy harvesting

From the History of Scientific Communications of the Russian Emigration: Egyptologist Gregory Lukyanov and the Kondakov Archaeological Institute in Prague

Scanning Electron Microscopic Evaluation of the Internal Fit Accuracy of 3D-Printed Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Block: An Ex Vivo Pilot Study

Solution NMR investigation on the structure and function of the isolated J-domain from Sis1: Evidence of transient inter-domain interactions in the full-length protein.

Mesostructured property of aggregate disruption in asphalt mixture based on digital image processing method

Evolution of internal granular structure at the flow-arrest transition

Ignition thresholds of aluminized HMX-based polymer-bonded explosives

Enhancement of Traditional Maintenance Systems for Miniature Circuit Breakers Using Nanoparticles

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A brief discussion onclinical application of Wuxin points

Modern Ukrainian Folklore in Network Communication: Typological Characteristics and Themes

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Internal Contact 내부 연락처

Internal Contact 내부 연락처
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