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Interlayer Coupling sentence examples within Strong Interlayer Coupling

Two-triplon excitations of the Kitaev-Heisenberg bilayer

Angle-tunable intersubband photoabsorption and enhanced photobleaching in twisted bilayer graphene

Interlayer Coupling sentence examples within Weak Interlayer Coupling

Moiré Patterns in 2D Materials: A Review.

Theoretical investigation of lattice dynamics, Infrared reflectivity, polarized Raman spectra and nature of interlayer coupling in two-dimensional layered Gallium Sulfide.

Interlayer Coupling sentence examples within Waal Interlayer Coupling

Rare-Earth Chalcohalides: A Family of van der Waals Layered Kitaev Spin Liquid Candidates

Photocatalytic performance of few-layer graphitic C3N4: enhanced by interlayer coupling.

Interlayer Coupling sentence examples within Magnetic Interlayer Coupling

Magnetic properties of bilayer VI3: Role of trigonal crystal field and electric-field tuning

Enhancing the ferromagnetic interlayer coupling between epitaxial SrRuO3 layers

Interlayer Coupling sentence examples within Enhanced Interlayer Coupling

Higher-Order Band Topology in Twisted Moiré Superlattice.

High thermal durability of Ru-based synthetic antiferromagnet by interfacial engineering with Re insertion

Interlayer Coupling sentence examples within Ferromagnetic Interlayer Coupling

Interlayer ferromagnetic coupling and enhanced magnetism by biaxial strain in MnBi2Te4/VBi2Te4 heterojunction

Mn-Rich MnSb2 Te4 : A Topological Insulator with Magnetic Gap Closing at High Curie Temperatures of 45-50 K.

Interlayer Coupling sentence examples within interlayer coupling effect

Proposal of graphene band-gap enhancement via heterostructure of graphene with boron nitride in vertical stacking scheme

Exploring the thickness dependent photocatalytic oxygen evolution performance for Bi4TaO8Cl two-dimensional semiconductor

Interlayer Coupling sentence examples within interlayer coupling strength

Resonant tunnelling diodes based on twisted black phosphorus homostructures

Bandgap engineering of stacked two-dimensional polyaniline by twist angle

Interlayer Coupling sentence examples within interlayer coupling term

Probing interlayer interaction via chiral phonons in layered honeycomb materials

Explosive synchronization in interlayer phase-shifted Kuramoto oscillators on multiplex networks.

Cobalt-based magnetic Weyl semimetals with high-thermodynamic stabilities

Exchange interaction, disorder, and stacking faults in rhombohedral graphene multilayers

Tunable Eigenvector-Based Centralities for Multiplex and Temporal Networks

Interplay between solitary states and chimeras in multiplex neural networks

Charge Transfer Gap Tuning via Structural Distortion in Monolayer 1T-NbSe2.

Observation of Dirac-like surface state bands on the top surface of BiSe

Tunable valley polarization, magnetic anisotropy and dipole moment for layered Janus 2H–VSSe with intrinsic room temperature ferromagnetism

Predictions of moiré excitons in twisted two-dimensional organic–inorganic halide perovskites†

Study of Carrier Transfer Mechanism When Substituting Strontium at Barium Sites in CuTl-1223 Superconducting Phase

Boosting proximity spin–orbit coupling in graphene/WSe2 heterostructures via hydrostatic pressure

A New Superconducting 3R-WS2 Phase at High Pressure.

Electronic and magnetic properties of VOCl/FeOCl antiferromagnetic heterobilayers

Magnon bands in twisted bilayer honeycomb quantum magnets*

Optical versus electron diffraction imaging of Twist-angle in 2D transition metal dichalcogenide bilayers

Theoretical design of AlS-BS vdW heterobilayer for a promoted light energy utilization

Nonvolatile magnetoelectric coupling in two-dimensional ferromagnetic-bilayer/ferroelectric van der Waals heterostructures.

The optical response of artificially twisted MoS\documentclass[12pt]{minimal} \usepackage{amsmath} \usepackage{wasysym} \usepackage{amsfonts} \usepackage{amssymb} \usepackage{amsbsy} \usepackage{mathrsfs} \usepackage{upgreek} \setlength{\oddsidemargin}{-69pt} \begin{document}$$_2$$\end{document}2 bi

Density functional theory study on the influence of tension and compression deformation on the electrical and phonon properties of monolayer and bilayer graphene

О природе красного сдвига G-пика раман-спектра в эпитаксиальном двумерном слое

Mutual synchronization of complex structures in interacting ensembles of non-locally coupled rotators

Investigation of charge transport and band alignment of MoS2-ReS2 heterointerface for high performance and self-driven broadband photodetection

Bilayer Photonic Graphene

A first-principles study on the electronic and optical properties of a type-II C2N/g-ZnO van der Waals heterostructure.

The optical response of artificially twisted MoS[Formula: see text] bilayers.

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Interlayer Coupling 층간 커플링
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