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A Geometrical Interpretation of Current Transient Responses to Predict Current Gradients for IPMSM Model Predictive Control

Improvement on Flux Weakening Control Strategy for Electric Vehicle Applications

Experimental Characterization and Feasibility Study on High Mechanical Strength Electrical Steels for High-Speed Motors Application

Improved Model Predictive Torque Control for PMSM Drives Based on Duty Cycle Optimization

Sensorless Direct Torque Control for Interior Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motors Using Square-Wave-Type Stator Flux Injection at Low-Speed Regions

Analysis and Optimization of a V-Shape Combined Pole Interior Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machine With Temperature Rise and Demagnetization Considered

A Comparison of Current Determination Strategies for the IPMSM Considering Magnetic Saturation, Core Losses and Resistance Variation

A Novel Method for Establishing an Efficiency Map of IPMSMs for EV Propulsion Based on the Finite-Element Method and a Neural Network

Electromagnetic Force and Vibration Study of Dual-Stator Consequent-Pole Hybrid Excitation Motor for Electric Vehicles

Non-Invasive Parameter and Loss Determination in PMSM Considering the Effects of Saturation, Cross-Saturation, Time Harmonics, and Temperature Variations

Identification of IPMSM Flux-Linkage Map for High-Accuracy Simulation of IPMSM Drives

Design Method for Flux-Concentrating Permanent-Magnet Traction Machine Based on Voltage-Parameter Map

A Study on The Fully Enclosed Housing Of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Development of Wind IPMSG Based Bipolar DC Microgrids

Torque Ripple-Minimizing Control of IPMSM With Optimized Current Trajectory

An Improved Hybrid Field Model for Calculating On-Load Performance of Interior Permanent-Magnet Motors

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Interior Permanent Magnet 내부 영구 자석

Interior Permanent Magnet 내부 영구 자석
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