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Molecular diversity and phylogeny of Tunisian Prunus armeniaca L. by evaluating three candidate barcodes of the chloroplast genome

Intergenic Spacers sentence examples within Chloroplast Intergenic Spacers

A pre‐Miocene Irano‐Turanian cradle: Origin and diversification of the species‐rich monocot genus Gagea (Liliaceae)

Potential of Lemnoideae Species for Phytoremediation of Fresh Water with Elevated Manganese Concentration

Intergenic Spacers sentence examples within Long Intergenic Spacers

Life time of some products of human rDNA intergenic spacer

The chloroplast genome of the lichen‐symbiont microalga Trebouxia sp. Tr9 (Trebouxiophyceae, Chlorophyta) shows short inverted repeats with a single gene and loss of the rps4 gene, which is encoded by the nucleus

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Life time of some RNA products of rDNA intergenic spacer in HeLa cells

Deciphering the mitochondrial genome of Malabar snakehead, Channa diplogramma (Teleostei; Channidae)

Conservation of transcriptional elements in the obligate symbiont of the whitefly Bemisia tabaci

Phylomitogenomics of Phaneropteridae (Orthoptera): Combined data indicate a poorly conserved mitogenome

Fluctuations in Fabaceae mitochondrial genome size and content are both ancient and recent

Absence of Concordance between Polyembryony and Apomixis in Maize Confirmed through DNA Sequencing

A Comparative Analysis of the Chloroplast Genomes of Four Salvia Medicinal Plants

The complete chloroplast genome of Saxifraga sinomontana (Saxifragaceae) and comparative analysis with other Saxifragaceae species

Mitochondrial genome from Andreaea wangiana reveals structural conservatism and a trend of size reduction in mosses

First complete chloroplast genomics and comparative phylogenetic analysis of Commiphora gileadensis and C. foliacea: Myrrh producing trees

Genetic diversity analysis of an isolate of microsporidia infesting Athetis lepigone

Taxonomy and evolutionary history of the neotropical fern genus Salpichlaena (Blechnaceae)

Phylogenetic relationship in Actinidia (Actinidiaceae) based on four noncoding chloroplast DNA sequences

Intraspecific divergences and phylogeography of Panzerina lanata (Lamiaceae) in northwest China

Intraspecific divergences and phylogeography of Panzerina lanata (Lamiaceae) in Northwest China

Structure of the intergenic spacers in chicken ribosomal DNA

Complete mitochondrial genomes of the Spondias tuberosa Arr. Cam and Spondias mombin L. reveal highly repetitive DNA sequences.

Mitochondrial genomes of the early land plant lineage liverworts (Marchantiophyta): conserved genome structure, and ongoing low frequency recombination

Mitogenomes of Spondias.

Chloroplast genome analysis of box-ironbark Eucalyptus.

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Intergenic Spacers 유전자간 스페이서

Intergenic Spacers 유전자간 스페이서
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