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Investigation of Important Weak Interaction Nuclei in Presupernova Evolution

Allowed Gamow-Teller strength distributions and stellar electron capture rates on odd-A nuclei

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Neutrino Quantum Kinetics in Compact Objects

Physics Potential of an Experiment using LHC Neutrinos

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Deep neural network techniques in the calibration of space-charge distortion fluctuations for the ALICE TPC

[Alcohol in social media: Where is the space for prevention?]

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Tunable quantum interfaces between superconducting qubits and microwave photons induced by extreme driving

Efficient numerical integration of thermal interaction rates

Optimal leader-following consensus of fractional opinion formation models

The Role of Small Scale Experiments in the Direct Detection of Dark Matter

Human–Wildlife Interactions with Different Species in a Brazilian Park: A Naturalistic Approach

Towards the Dependence on Parameters for the Solution of the Thermostatted Kinetic Framework

Reconstruction in ALICE and calibration of TPC space-charge distortions in Run 3

Accuracy and Power Analysis of Social Interaction Networks

Fitting stochastic predator-prey models using both population density and kill rate data.

Influence of Design Elements of Mobile Push Notifications on Mobile App User Interactions

Presolar Grain Isotopic Ratios as Constraints to Nuclear and Stellar Parameters of Asymptotic Giant Branch Star Nucleosynthesis

Detecting and studying high-energy collider neutrinos with FASER at the LHC

Are more interactions at intersections related to more collisions for pedestrians? An empirical example in Quebec, Canada

Modulating Interaction Times in an Artificial Society of Robots

The Silicon Tracking System of CBM: towards tests with heavy ion collisions

Voltage Matching, Étendue, and Ratchet Steps in Advanced-Concept Solar Cells

Dependence on the Initial Data for the Continuous Thermostatted Framework

Ant colonies maintain social homeostasis in the face of decreased density

Trophic interactions modify the temperature dependence of community biomass and ecosystem function

A new approach for solution of time dependent neutron transport equation based on nodal discretization using MCNPX code with feedback

Feasibility of a referral pathway to community pharmacy for patients taking oral anticancer medication

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Interaction Rates 상호작용 비율

Interaction Rates 상호작용 비율
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