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Predicting Drug Interactions From Chemogenomics Using INDIGO.

Transcriptomic Signatures Predict Regulators of Drug Synergy and Clinical Regimen Efficacy against Tuberculosis

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Greater Social Interest Between Autistic and Non-autistic Conversation Partners Following Autism Acceptance Training for Non-autistic People

Interdependent Self-Construal Moderates Relationships Between Positive Emotion and Quality in Social Interactions: A Case of Person to Culture Fit

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From Binary Model Systems to the Human Microbiome: Factors That Drive Strain Specificity in Host-Symbiont Associations

Predicting fungal community dynamics driven by competition for space

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Antimalarial herbal drugs: a review of their interactions with conventional antimalarial drugs

Multicomponent and multisensory communicative acts in orang-utans may serve different functions

A qualitative study of naturalistic helping processes among university students in China

The influence of institutional factors on patient–provider communication and interactions in the U.S. healthcare system

Bifurcations in diffusive predator–prey systems with Beddington–DeAngelis functional response

Parasitism to mutualism continuum for Joshua trees inoculated with different communities of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi from a desert elevation gradient

Impacts of consumer–resource interaction transitions on persistence and long‐term interaction outcomes of random ecological networks

Service innovativeness and tourism customer outcomes

Global dynamics of a mutualism–competition model with one resource and multiple consumers

Not all interactions are positive: testing how antagonistic interactions impact the robustness of plant-pollinator networks

Coevolutionary systems and PageRank

Plant interactions modulate root litter decomposition and negative plant-soil feedback with an invasive plant

Surface Modification of Stöber Silica Nanoparticles with Controlled Moiety Densities Determines Their Cytotoxicity Profiles in Macrophages.

Predation shapes invertebrate diversity in tropical but not temperate seagrass communities.

Social Feedback Modulates Neural Response Associated With Cognitive Bias in Individuals Expressing Anxious Symptoms

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Interaction Outcomes 상호작용 결과

Interaction Outcomes 상호작용 결과
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