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Understanding Drone Landing on the Human Body

Designing Knowledge Sharing Interfaces with Improved Interaction: Haptics and Web3D

Towards the Haptiverse: An Online System for Sharing Haptic Content

Investigating the influence of interaction modality on the communication patterns of spinal cord injury peer mentors.

Demonstrating TapID for Rapid Touch Interaction on Surfaces in Virtual Reality for Productivity Scenarios

From ”Explainable AI” to ”Graspable AI”

A head mounted augmented reality design practice for maintenance assembly: Toward meeting perceptual and cognitive needs of AR users.

VR Interaction Modalities for the Evaluation of Technical Device Prototypes

Interaction Modalities Used on Serious Games for Upper Limb Rehabilitation: A Systematic Review.

Gaze-Based Interaction for VR Environments

Designing with Gaze

Accessible Instruments in the Wild: Engaging with a Community of Learning-Disabled Musicians

Mapping Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives for Understanding Speech Interface Interactions

Situational Awareness through Augmented Reality: 3D-SA Model to relate Requirements, Design and Evaluation

Speech Workload Estimation for Human-Machine Interaction

Evaluation of Navigation Commands Based on Conceptual Attributes to Enhance Human-Robot Interaction

HeatSense – Thermal Sensory Supplementation for Superhuman Sports

Investigating User Perceptions of HRI in Social Contexts

MIMOSE: multimodal interaction for music orchestration sheet editors

Touch or touchless?: evaluating usability of interactive displays for persons with autistic spectrum disorders

Reactive Conjugated Polymers for the Modulation of Islet Amyloid Polypeptide Assembly.

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Interaction Modality 상호작용 방식

Interaction Modality 상호작용 방식
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