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Interaction Involved sentence examples within Molecular Interaction Involved

Blockade of the CD93 pathway normalizes tumor vasculature to facilitate drug delivery and immunotherapy

An insight into Hevea - Phytophthora interaction: The story of Hevea defense and Phytophthora counter defense mediated through molecular signalling

Interaction Involved sentence examples within Significant Interaction Involved

Synthesis, X-ray crystal structure and BVS calculation of Co(II) complex of pyrimidine derived Schiff base ligand: Approached by Hirshfeld surface analysis and TDDFT calculation

Preparation, spectral, structural, thermal and anticancer molecular docking studies of bis-(theophyllinato)-tetraaquocobalt(II) complex

Interaction Involved sentence examples within Receptor Interaction Involved

Injection of galanin into the dorsal hippocampus impairs emotional memory independent of 5-HT1A receptor activation

Regulatory functions of FKBP5 intronic regions associated with psychiatric disorders.

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Interaction Involved sentence examples within interaction involved hydrogen

A “turn-on” fluorescent probe based on BODIPY dyes for highly selective detection of fluoride ions

Correlating ionic liquid solvent effects with solvent parameters for a reaction that proceeds through a xanthylium intermediate.

NMI Facilitates Influenza A Virus Infection by Promoting Degradation of IRF7 Through TRIM21.

Effective energy transfer from Dy3+ to Tb3+ ions in thermally stable KZABS glasses for intense green emitting device applications

Synchronous and Asynchronous E-Learning Modes: Strategies, Methods, Objectives

AIM and ELF bonding analyses of M–O and M–N (Metal= Ba, Y, Zr) in metal–complexes using DFT approach

An α-synuclein decoy peptide prevents cytotoxic α-synuclein aggregation caused by fatty acid binding protein 3

[Cross-Disciplinary Research in Nursing: Competency and Practice].

Detecting bosonic dark matter with neutron stars

Clickstream Knowledge Tracing: Modeling How Students Answer Interactive Online Questions


A Deep Learning Approach to Competing Risks Representation in Peer-to-Peer Lending

Online communication and interaction in distance higher education: A framework study of good practice

Investigating Effects of Reading Medium and Reading Purpose on Behavioral Engagement and Textual Integration in a Multiple Text Context

Moral panics and digital-media logic: Notes on a changing research agenda

Investigation of cathepsin D–mAb interactions using a combined experimental and computational tool set

Exploring the intermolecular interaction of serine and threonine dipeptides with gold nanoclusters and nanoparticles of different shapes and sizes by quantum mechanics and molecular simulations

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Interaction Involved 관련 상호 작용

Interaction Involved 관련 상호 작용
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