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Interaction Behavior sentence examples within non autonomous discrete

Interaction dynamics of nonautonomous bright and dark solitons of the discrete (2 + 1)-dimensional Ablowitz–Ladik equation

Discrete Bright-dark Soliton Interaction Dynamic Behaviors for Nonautonomous 2+1-Dimensional Soliton Equation

Interaction Behavior sentence examples within twin variant ‘

Role of slip and {10-12} twin on the crystal plasticity in Mg-RE alloy during deformation process at room temperature

Interaction Behavior sentence examples within Social Interaction Behavior

Supporting Youth With Autism Learning Social Competence: A Comparison of Game- and Nongame-Based Activities in 3D Virtual World


Interaction Behavior sentence examples within Computer Interaction Behavior

A systematic approach for English education model based on the neural network algorithm

The Application of Student Participation in the Design of Virtual Reality Educational Products

Interaction Behavior sentence examples within Dynamic Interaction Behavior

Numerical investigation of falling ferrofluid droplets under magnetic fields

Dynamic interaction between bi-directional functionally graded materials and magneto-electro-elastic fields: A nano-structure analysis

Interaction Behavior sentence examples within Different Interaction Behavior

Experimental Investigation of Mutual Collision Avoidance Behavior for Multiple Mobile Robots

A novel vision into the binding behavior of curcumin with human serum albumin-holo transferrin complex: molecular dynamic simulation and multi-spectroscopic perspectives.

Interaction Behavior sentence examples within Item Interaction Behavior

Collaborative Neural Social Recommendation

Multi-Behavior Enhanced Recommendation with Cross-Interaction Collaborative Relation Modeling

Interaction Behavior sentence examples within User Interaction Behavior

CourseQ: the impact of visual and interactive course recommendation in university environments

Research on User Roles Identification of Crowdsourcing Innovation Virtual Community

Interaction Behavior sentence examples within Active Interaction Behavior

Research on Active Interaction and User Experience of Community Intelligent Vehicle System

How is Attention Allocated?: Data-Driven Studies of Popularity and Engagement in Online Videos

Interaction Behavior sentence examples within Complex Interaction Behavior

A Multiple-Fault Localization Method for Embedded Software with Applications in Engineering

DMFD: Non-Intrusive Dependency Inference and Flow Ratio Model for Performance Anomaly Detection in Multi-Tier Cloud Applications

Interaction Behavior sentence examples within Team Interaction Behavior

Predictors of individually perceived levels of team creativity for teams of nursing students in Taiwan: A cross-sectional study.

Effect of interdisciplinary teaching on collaborative interactions among nursing student teams in Taiwan: A quasi-experimental study.

Interaction Behavior sentence examples within Desired Interaction Behavior

Sparse Online Gaussian Process Impedance Learning for Multi-DoF Robotic Arms

Learning-Based Force Control of a Surgical Robot for Tool-Soft Tissue Interaction

Interaction Behavior sentence examples within Considering Interaction Behavior

A system dynamic model for simulating the potential of prefabrication on construction waste reduction

Effect of Bi-directional excitation on a curved bridge with lead rubber bearing

Interaction Behavior sentence examples within Historical Interaction Behavior

DeepRec: On-device Deep Learning for Privacy-Preserving Sequential Recommendation in Mobile Commerce

Intention-aware Sequential Recommendation with Structured Intent Transition

Echo Chamber Effect in the Discussions of Rumor Rebuttal about COVID-19 in China: Existence and Impact.

Molecular dynamics research on interfacial reinforcement between ε-CL-20 and polymeric bonding agents for humidity-insensitive solid propellant systems

Comparison of Fault Characteristics According to Winding Configurations for Dual Three-Phase Synchronous Reluctance Motor

Simulation of the fracturing process in rocks with flaws using a novel continuous-discontinuous technique

Modeling User Interaction at the Convergence of Filtering Mechanisms, Recommender Algorithms and Advisory Components

On the tribo-dynamic interactions between piston skirt-liner system and pin assembly in a gasoline engine

Hyaluronic Acid Derivative Effect on Niosomal Coating and Interaction with Cellular Mimetic Membranes

Antifungal activity of amino-alcohols based cationic surfactants and in silico, homology modeling, docking and molecular dynamics studies against lanosterol 14-α-demethylase enzyme.

Research on the Link Prediction Model of Dynamic Multiplex Social Network Based on Improved Graph Representation Learning

Unprecedented saturation limit achieved by inorganic polycationic cluster (Sb7Te8)5+ for light noble gases (He & Ne).

Numerical study on the interaction of two bubbles rising side-by-side in viscous liquids

Interaction mechanism between hydrogen and boron during the Al–Si solvent refining with hydrogen assistance

Experimental study on the surface and interface phenomenon changes by means of contact angle measurement on slot milled nimonic 263 alloy

Novel Methods for Measuring the Inductance of Superconducting Coils and Material Resistivity

Synthesis and biological evaluation of 2-(4-alkoxy-3-cyano)phenylpyrimidine derivatives with 4-amino or 4-hydroxy as a pharmacophore element binding with xanthine oxidase active site.

Theoretical research on role of sulfur allotropes on activated carbon surface in adsorbing elemental mercury

Numerical Study on Interaction between Submarine Landslides and a Monopile Using CFD Techniques

Immobilization of roselle anthocyanins into polyvinyl alcohol/hydroxypropyl methylcellulose film matrix: Study on the interaction behavior and mechanism for better shrimp freshness monitoring.

Sex identification of the ornamental amazon fish Astronotus ocellatus by videoceloscopy and gonadal biopsy.

Near-Zero Phase-Lag Hyperscanning in a Novel Wireless EEG System

Operating regimes of cavity solitons by virtue of a graphene flake saturable absorber.

Large-Scale Modeling of Mobile User Click Behaviors Using Deep Learning

Predicting user interaction behavior on government microblogs: a machine learning approach

Effect of gap and overlap fiber placement defects on the delamination behavior of L-shaped composite laminates

Conversational vs Traditional: Comparing Search Behavior and Outcome in Legal Case Retrieval

High-order breather, M-kink lump and semi-rational solutions of potential Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation

Efavirenz Loaded Mixed Polymeric Micelles: Formulation, Optimization, and In Vitro Characterization.

Studies on the Piled Raft Foundation for a High-Rise Building Using Finite Element Modeling

Interaction behaviors between breather and rogue wave in a Heisenberg ferromagnetic equation

Gut Bacterial Inhabitants of Open Nested Honey Bee, Apis Florea

Wellbeing and Healthcare: Exploring Ways of Interactive Prototyping with Mental Process

Adsorption Behavior, Electronical and Thermodynamic Properties of Ornidazole Drug on C60 Fullerene Doped with Si, B and Al: A Quantum Mechanical Simulation

Analytical behavior of built-up square concrete-filled steel tubular columns under combined preload and axial compression

Receptor for advanced glycation end-products (RAGE) plays a critical role in retrieval behavior of mother mice at early postpartum

Effect of steam addition on turbulence-chemistry interaction behaviors of pulverized coal MILD-oxy combustion

Phase Behavior of Pure PSPC and PEGylated Multicomponent Lipid and Their Interaction with Paclitaxel: An All-Atom MD Study.

Molecular interaction for quasi-binary mixture of N-acyl amino sulfonate amphoteric surfactant from castor oil and stearyltrimethyl ammonium bromide

Echo Chamber Effect in Rumor Rebuttal Discussions About COVID-19 in China: Social Media Content and Network Analysis Study

The activation mechanism of Fe(II) ion-modified cassiterite surface to promote salicylhydroxamic acid adsorption

Bäcklund transformation, exact solutions and diverse interaction phenomena to a (3+1)-dimensional nonlinear evolution equation

Experimental study on self-excited thermoacoustic instabilities and intermittent switching of azimuthal and longitudinal modes in an annular combustor

Microstructure and Damage Evolution of Inconel 740H Welded Joint during Creep Process at 750 °C

Restored and remnant Banksia woodlands elicit different foraging behavior in avian pollinators

The compatibility between environmentally friendly insulation gas C4F7N and α-Al2O3 (0001) surface: Theoretical and experimental insights

ARGO: Modeling Heterogeneity in E-commerce Recommendation

Interactions between Dislocations and Boundaries during Deformation

Behavior of steel-reinforced composite concrete columns under combined axial and lateral cyclic loading

Factorial Investigation of Cobalt Retention by Ti and Fe Oxides-Modified Carbon Nanotubes: Multivariate Against Univariate Analysis

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