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Fluorescent, electrically responsive and ultratough self-healing hydrogels via bioinspired all-in-one hierarchical micelles.

Construction of nanocellulose-based composite hydrogel with a double packing structure as an intelligent drug carrier

Bioinspired 3D Printable, Self-Healable, and Stretchable Hydrogels with Multiple Conductivities for Skin-like Wearable Strain Sensors.

Fabrication Methods of Sustainable Hydrogels

Novel self-healing hydrogels and their applications intissue engineering

Control of capillary behavior through target-responsive hydrogel permeability alteration for sensitive visual quantitative detection

Cyclodextrin-based polymer materials: From controlled synthesis to applications

Thermosensitive N-isopropylacrylamide Nanoparticles Hydrogel Application on Biomolecules Identification

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Intelligent Hydrogels 지능형 하이드로겔

Intelligent Hydrogels 지능형 하이드로겔
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