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An Extended Stochastic Cloning Method for Fusing Multi-relative Measurements

Game-based structural debriefing: How can teachers design game-based curricula for systems thinking?

Big data analytics architecture design - An application in manufacturing systems

Generation of hiPSC line TCIERi001-A from normal human epidermal keratinocytes.

Tuning of IMC based PID controller for stable and integrating time delayed processes.

Desarrollo de la Movilidad Urbana de Medellín, Colombia, un Ejemplo para Costa Rica

Challenges of Designing Heterogenous (multi-PDK) Packages

Taking Forward Human Factors and Ergonomics Integration in NHS Scotland: Progress and Challenges

CHARIOT - Towards a Continuous High-Level Adaptive Runtime Integration Testbed

Systems Metabolic Engineering Approach for Recombinant Protein Production in Microbial Cell Factories

Transfer Learning is a Crucial Capability of Intelligent Systems Self-Integrating at Runtime

Regional Development and Air Freight Service Needs for Regional Communities

Experience Gained with CFD-Modeling of Liquid and Gaseous Fuel Combustion Processes in Power Installations (Review)

Implementation of Jakarta One Online System

Continuous Adaptive Runtime Integration Testbed for Complex and Autonomous Systems

Bridging Audio and Augmented Reality towards a New Generation of Serious Audio-Only Games.

EVOLvINC: EValuating knOwLedge INtegration Capacity in multistakeholder governance

Implementation of certified intelligent building in Taiwan

Case study: the University of Glasgow’s digital preservation journey 2017-2019

From Theory to Systems: A Grounded Approach to Programming Language Education

A study of optimization algorithms applied to Integrated Renewable Energy Systems

Integrated treatment of brain metastases.

Integrating the Human Element in the Responsible Research and Innovation Framework into Systems Thinking Approaches for Teachers’ Professional Development

Robust position control and disturbance rejection of an industrial plant emulator system using the feedforward-feedback control

Where is Supply Chain Resilience Research Heading? A Systematic and Co-occurrence Analysis

RFID en el servicio bibliotecario de la UTM

Integrating Systems Thinking into Teaching Emerging Technologies

A framework for a systems design approach to complex societal problems

Comprehensive Annotations of Human Herpesvirus 6A and 6B Genomes Reveal Novel and Conserved Genomic Features

The state of human capital analytics in developing countries: a focus on the Middle East

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Integrating System 통합 시스템

Integrating System 통합 시스템
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