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Adaptation and convergence in circadian‐related genes in Iberian freshwater fish

High-resolution Palaeogene sequence stratigraphic framework for the Cuu Long Basin, offshore Vietnam, driven by climate change and tectonics, established from sequence biostratigraphy

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Sequence neighborhoods enable reliable prediction of pathogenic mutations in cancer genomes

mirTime: identifying condition-specific targets of microRNA in time-series transcript data using Gaussian process model and spherical vector clustering

Sequence similarity in 3D for comparison of protein families.

Granular multiple kernel learning for identifying RNA-binding protein residues via integrating sequence and structure information

Adaptation and convergence in genes of the circadian system in Iberian Squalius freshwater species

Identification of infectious disease-associated host genes using machine learning techniques

Crime-GAN: A Context-based Sequence Generative Network for Crime Forecasting with Adversarial Loss

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Integrating Sequence 통합 시퀀스

Integrating Sequence 통합 시퀀스
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