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Optimal Control of Nonsmooth Production Systems with Deteriorating Items, Stock-Dependent Demand, with or without Backorders

Facilitating consumer preferences and product shelf life data in the design of e-grocery deliveries

TAKING THE LEAP: The Methods and Tools of the Linked Engineering and Manufacturing Platform (LEAP)

A DSM Clustering Method for Product and Service Modularization

Extending the strategic safety stock placement model to consider tactical production smoothing

Research and Practice on the Construction of Education System of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Production-study-research in Universities

Industrial DevOps

A robust integrated production and preventive maintenance planning model for multi-state systems with uncertain demand and common cause failures

New Engineering Education and Teachers’ Development in University

Planning and scheduling problems of production systems: review, classification and opportunities

Using QFD as the Company’s Select Methodology to Reinforce “Inter- and Intra-Organizational Integration” in Product Innovation

Customer-centric offer design: meeting expectations for a wine bar and shop and the relevance of hybrid offering components.

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Integrating Product 제품 통합

Integrating Product 제품 통합
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