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An Integrated Control and Protection Scheme Based on FBSM-MMC Active Current Limiting Strategy for DC Distribution Network

Dual-channel eKF-RTF framework for speech enhancement with DNN-based speech presence estimation

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4D Seismic History Matching Incorporating Unsupervised Learning

A molecular-based method to estimate the risk associated with cyanotoxins and odor compounds in drinking water sources.

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Cluster based Routing Protocols for IOT Application

Climate model based test workbench for daylight-artificial light integration

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Analysis of carbon footprint reduction for three novel air separation columns

Photonic crystal waveguides as sources of counterpropagating factorizable biphoton states.

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Simultaneous process parameters and heat integration optimization for industrial organosilicon production

A Novel Heat Integrated Extractive Dividing Wall Column for Ethanol Dehydration

Energy-efficient extractive distillation combined with heat-integrated and intermediate reboilers for separating acetonitrile/isopropanol/water mixture

On the Analysis and Design of Visual Cryptography With Error Correcting Capability

Design of Distribution Automation Master Station System Integration Scheme Based on “n + 1” Architecture

An incipient consistency identification scheme of failure mechanism based on improved grey theory

Communication-Efficient Federated Learning and Permissioned Blockchain for Digital Twin Edge Networks

Extraction of sugarcane bagasse arabinoxylan, integrated with enzymatic production of xylo-oligosaccharides and separation of cellulose

Integrated Clutch Torque Control and Touchpoint Estimation Using Deadbeat Adaptive Backstepping

Covert Authentication Against a Myopic Adversary

Improving the flood forecasting capability of the Xinanjiang model for small- and medium-sized ungauged catchments in South China

An Intelligent Experience Retention System: Challenges and Limitations for Operation and Maintenance in Nuclear Power Plants

Fault Diagnosis and Reconfigurable Control for Commercial Aircraft with Multiple Faults and Actuator Saturation

Research on Integrated Scheme of Train-Ground Wireless Communication in Suburban Railway

Multi-objective optimization assessment of a new integrated scheme for co-production of natural gas liquids and liquefied natural gas

Repeatability improvement in laser induced plasma emission of particle flow by aberration-diminished focusing

Pilot-Scale Composting Test of Polylactic Acid for Social Implementation

Practical Applications

Optimization and experiment on key structural parameters of no-tillage planter with straw-smashing and strip-mulching

Joint production-planning and distribution optimization of perishable products under a combined shipment structure: A new hybrid policy-based approach

An integrated scheme for dynamic security assessment considering misclassification constraint based on umbrella Neyman-Pearson classifiers

Experimental Study on the EOR Performance of Imbibition and Huff and Puff in Fractured Tight Oil Reservoirs

An integrated scheme for static voltage stability assessment based on correlation detection and random bits forest

Optimization and experiment on key structural parameters of no-tillage planter with straw-smashing and strip-mulching

Resection and reconstruction of a giant primitive neuroectodermal tumour of the abdominal wall with an ultra-long lateral circumflex femoral artery musculocutaneous flap: a case report

A Data-Driven Approach for Online Inter-Area Oscillatory Stability Assessment of Power Systems Based on Random Bits Forest Considering Feature Redundancy

Enhancing Distance Protection of Long Transmission Lines Compensated With TCSC and Connected With Wind Power

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Quantum-Correlation-Preserving Single-Photon Conversion by Molecular Modulation in Gas-filled Hollow-Core Fibres

An integrated AHP-based scheme for performance measurement in humanitarian supply chains

Towards Integrated Flexible Energy Harvester and Supercapacitor for Self-powered Wearable Sensors

Comparison of pressure-swing distillation with or without crossing curved-boundary for separating a multiazeotropic ternary mixture

Reasoning Based Virtual Machine Mapping Toward Physical Machine

Development of a Holistic Assessment Framework for Industrial Organizations

Integrated Sensor Fault Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Control for Manipulator

Design and economic evaluation of energy-saving industrial distillation processes for separating close-boiling cyclohexanone-cyclohexanol mixture

Integrations of Neural Networks and Transient Energy Functions for Designing Supplementary Damping Control of UPFC

Integrated Uncertainty/Disturbance Compensation With Second-Order Sliding-Mode Observer for PMLSM-Driven Motion Stage

R-PEKS: RBAC Enabled PEKS for Secure Access of Cloud Data

Predictive Adaptive Kalman Filter and Its Application to INS/UWB-integrated Human Localization with Missing UWB-based Measurements

Enhanced teleoperation performance using hybrid control and virtual fixture

Impacts of integrated scheme on livelihood and rural housing condition in Nigeria

A Robust-Stochastic Approach for Energy Transaction in Energy Hub Under Uncertainty

Integrated Relative Localization and Leader–Follower Formation Control

Life cycle cost assessment of wind power–hydrogen coupled integrated energy system

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Optimization of helium extraction processes integrated with nitrogen removal units: A comparative study

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Evaluation of the Hydrate Workflow Process Time

A Hybrid Scheme for Heart Disease Diagnosis Using Rough Set and Cuckoo Search Technique

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Integrated Scheme 통합 계획

Integrated Scheme 통합 계획
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