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Identification of the speed-varying dynamic behaviors of tool center point based on semi-theoretical methodology

A critical assessment of the Flory-Huggins (FH) theory to predict aqueous two-phase behaviour

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A novel method to solve supplier selection problem: Hybrid algorithm of genetic algorithm and ant colony optimization

In-flight alignment method of navigation system based on microelectromechanical systems sensor measurement

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Gilsonite Mineral Potential of Gilan-e Gharb to Qasr-e Shirin using FAHP-FTOPSIS Prediction Model

Feature-Aided RTK/LiDAR/INS Integrated Positioning System with Parallel Filters in the Ambiguity-Position-Joint Domain for Urban Environments

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Research on Optimization of GA-BP Algorithm Based on LM

Surface Location Ambiguity Analysis and Suppression Algorithm Research based on multilateration

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Effect of combined strategy on mitigating air pollution in China

Progression and Evaluation of a Camera-Based Measurement System for Multifuel Burners Under Industrial Process Conditions

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DiaMole: Mole Detection and Segmentation Software for Mobile Phone Skin Images

Modeling and Analysis Thin Wall Film Formation with Integrated Discrete and Continuous Phase Simulation Approach

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Trajectories of Cognitive Function and Their Machine Learning-based Prediction Models in Older Adults: a 16 Years Follow-up in the Chinese Longitudinal Healthy Longevity Survey

Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm With Self-Organizing Mapping for Nash Equilibrium Strategy in Application of Multiobjective Optimization

Semantic Segmentation of Satellite Images using Deep Learning

Dual Solutions of MHD Stagnation Slip Flow Past a Permeable Plate

Establishment and experimental validation of an immune miRNA signature for assessing prognosis and immune landscape of patients with colorectal cancer

Improved Depth Neural Network Industrial Control Security Algorithm Based On PCA Dimension Reduction

Learning preference: development in smart learning environments

Machine Learning Analysis of Time-Dependent Features for Predicting Adverse Events During Hemodialysis Therapy: Model Development and Validation Study

Honey Bee Colony Population Daily Loss Rate Forecasting and an Early Warning Method Using Temporal Convolutional Networks

Improved microphone array design with statistical speaker verification

Combining Machine Learning and Dynamic Time Wrapping for Vehicle Driving Event Detection Using Smartphones

A Novel MVTLR-HCFS Algorithm for High Dimensional Data Clustering

Automatic identification of dense damage-sensitive features in civil infrastructure using sparse sensor networks

Development of Fluorescence Imaging Technique to Detect Fresh-Cut Food Organic Residue on Processing Equipment Surface

Chronic Total Occlusion PCI Techniques in 2020

A Two-Level MPPT Algorithm in Dynamic Partial Shading Condition using Ripple Correlation Control

Overcapacity Risk of China’s Coal Power Industry: A Comprehensive Assessment and Driving Factors

GRU and EdgeQ-Learning based Traffic Prediction and Scaling of SFC

The Optimization of Control Parameters: Finite-time and Fixed-time Synchronization of Inertial Memristive Neural Networks with Proportional Delays and Switching Jumps Mismatch

Driving Impairment Detection Due to Sun Exposure and Contrasting Shadow of Surface Objects: An Urban Case Study

Analysis and Comparison of Forecasting Algorithms for Telecom Customer Churn

Diabetes prediction model based on deep belief network

Convolutional Neural Network for the Semantic Segmentation of Remote Sensing Images

iCOMIC: a graphical interface-driven bioinformatics pipeline for analyzing cancer omics data

Stripe detection and recognition of oceanic internal waves from synthetic aperture radar based on support vector machine and feature fusion

2-in-1 Accelerator: Enabling Random Precision Switch for Winning Both Adversarial Robustness and Efficiency

MVTLR-HCFS: Density Peak Algorithm Based on Multi-View and Tensor Low Rank Expression

An empirical investigation of network relationships in the market

Automate Well Logging Data Interpretation with Digital Assistant

An integrated algorithm for ego-vehicle and obstacles state estimation for autonomous driving

A Novel Factor Graph and Cubature Kalman Filter Integrated Algorithm for Single-Transponder-Aided Cooperative Localization

Integrated Bionic Polarized Vision/VINS for Goal-Directed Navigation and Homing in Unmanned Ground Vehicle

A cooperative coevolution algorithm for complex hybrid seru-system scheduling optimization

The Use of the Bayesian Approach in the Formation of the Student’s Competence in the ICT Direction

Kinematics-based incremental visual servo for robotic capture of non-cooperative target

Determination of Calorie Content in Different Type of Foods using Image Processing

Diagnostic Accuracy of a Smartphone-Operated, Single-Lead Electrocardiography Device for Detection of Rhythm and Conduction Abnormalities in Primary Care

Knowledge Graph Enhanced Community Detection and Characterization

A Comparative Analysis of HPL-PD and MIPS Architectures by Using Integrated Approach for IS and RA for Exploiting ILP

Dairy Safety Prediction Based on Machine Learning Combined with Chemicals.

Integrating Coflow and Circuit Scheduling for Optical Networks

Analysis of Influencing Factors of PV Based Ensemble Modeling for PV Power and Application in Prediction

A mobile app for postoperative wound care after arthroplasty: Ease of use and perceived usefulness

Abstract 4257: Integrated network analysis reveals potentially novel molecular pathways mechanism and therapeutic targets of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Adaptive Principal Component Analysis Combined with Feature Extraction-Based Method for Feature Identification in Manufacturing

Age Estimation Based on Integrated Convolutional Neural Network

Multiphase Balance of Diversity and Convergence in Multiobjective Optimization

Intelligent Shipyard Inventory Non-Surplus Inventory Control Algorithm and Empirical Research

Software-in-the-Loop System for Motor Control Algorithms

iMTBGO: An Algorithm for Integrating Metabolic Networks with Transcriptomes Based on Gene Ontology Analysis

Task Merging and Scheduling for Parallel Deep Learning Applications in Mobile Edge Computing

The comparative accuracy of a handheld and console ultrasound device for neuraxial depth and landmark assessment.

Variable selection using Gaussian process regression-based metrics for high-dimensional model approximation with limited data

Online Learning and Matching for Resource Allocation Problems

Multiple Input Single Output Phase Retrieval

Letter to the editor: ‘Strategies to enhance access to diagnosis and treatment for Chagas disease patients in Latin America’

An Integrated Classification Algorithm Using Forecasting Probability Strategies for Mobile App Statistics

Fast generation method of 3D scene in Chinese landscape painting

Roadside Sensor Based Vehicle Counting Incomplex Traffic Environment

Research and Optimization of BLE Fingerprint Indoor Positioning Algorithm Based on Fusion Clustering

Computational methods for NMR and MS for structure elucidation III: More advanced approaches

Carbonate Rock Physics Modelling and 4D Seismic Feasibility Study

A Visual Communication Design Method for E-Commerce Websites

A unique mathematical programming algorithm for performance optimization of organizational indicators in manufacturing sector

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Integrated Algorithm 통합 알고리즘

Integrated Algorithm 통합 알고리즘
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