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Parallel Polynomial Permanent Mod Powers of 2 and Shortest Disjoint Cycles

Bounding univariate and multivariate reducible polynomials with restricted height

Integer dynamics

Minimum cost flows, MDPs, and ℓ1-regression in nearly linear time for dense instances

Universal portfolios generated by rational functions

Orbit Polynomial of Graphs versus Polynomial with Integer Coefficients

A note on invariable generation of nonsolvable permutation groups

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On real algebraic numbers in which the derivative of their minimal polynomial is small

Apollonius circles and irreducibility criteria for polynomials

New Jochemsz–May Cryptanalytic Bound for RSA System Utilizing Common Modulus N = p2q

On μ-symmetric polynomials

Точные оценки для специального класса целочисленных многочленов с заданным дискриминантом

A Useful Irreducibility Result for Integer Polynomials

On the Distribution of Polynomial Discriminants: Totally Real Case

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Integer Polynomial 정수 다항식

Integer Polynomial 정수 다항식
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