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A constructive approach to topological invariants for one-dimensional strictly local operators

Lattice Paths and Submonoids of $$\mathbb Z^2$$

Integer Lattice sentence examples within Multidimensional Integer Lattice

Adding noise to Markov cohort models

Adding noise to Markov cohort state-transition models

Integer Lattice sentence examples within integer lattice point

Weyl Law Improvement for Products of Spheres

Non-injectivity of Nonzero Discriminant Polynomials and Applications to Packing Polynomials

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Integer Lattice sentence examples within integer lattice governed

Adding noise to Markov cohort models

Adding noise to Markov cohort state-transition models

Efficient influence spread management via budget allocation at community scale

An MCMC Method to Sample from Lattice Distributions

Continuous Profit Maximization: A Study of Unconstrained Dr-Submodular Maximization

Application of hierarchical structures based on binary matrices with the generalized arithmetic of Pascal’s triangle in route building problems

Random integral matrices: universality of surjectivity and the cokernel

Time- and Space-Efficient Arguments from Groups of Unknown Order

Adaptive Influence Maximization

Optimal Parallel Control of $$n$$ FIFO-Queues in Shared Memory

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Условие сходимости несобственных кратных интегралов в терминах многогранников Ньютона

Equality Case in van der Corput’s Inequality and Collisions in Multiple Lattice Tilings

Maximizing DR-submodular+supermodular functions on the integer lattice subject to a cardinality constraint


Localization on 5 sites for vertex reinforced random walks: Towards a characterization

A method for convex black-box integer global optimization

Identity-Based Linkable Ring Signatures From Lattices

Discrete Equidecomposability and Ehrhart Theory of Polygons

Quantum Stochastic Cocycles and Completely Bounded Semigroups on Operator Spaces II

Eigenvalues of two-phase quantum walks with one defect in one dimension

Discrete quantitative Helly-type theorems with boxes

Route lengths in invariant spatial tree networks

Improved approximate rips filtrations with shifted integer lattices and cubical complexes

Discrete analytic Schur functions

Recurrence relations for the sections of the generating series of the solution to the multidimensional difference equation

Sharp spectral multipliers without semigroup framework and application to random walks

First-order intrinsic Gaussian Markov random fields for discrete optimisation via simulation

Asymptotically stable random walks of index $1<\alpha<2$ killed on a finite set

Location driven influence maximization: Online spread via offline deployment

Discrete Gaussian Distributions via Theta Functions

Traversal with Enumeration of Geometric Graphs in Bounded Space

Symmetric Walks on Paths and Cycles

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Приближение квадратичных алгебраических решёток целочисленными решётками

Functional CLT for the range of stable random walks

Bounds on Codes for the Bit-Shift Channel with (d,k)-Constrained Inputs

Visible lattice points in random walks

Runlength-Limited Sequences and Shift-Correcting Codes: Asymptotic Analysis

Autocovariance Varieties of Moving Average Random Fields

The first hitting time of the integers by symmetric Lévy processes

Regular KMS States of Weakly Coupled Anharmonic Crystals and the Resolvent CCR Algebra

R-Mgspline: Retrospective Multi-Gradient Search for Multi-Objective Simulation Optimization on Integer Lattices

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Integer Lattice 정수 격자

Integer Lattice 정수 격자
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