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Individualised versus conventional glucose control in critically-ill patients: the CONTROLING study—a randomized clinical trial

Blood Glucose Control and Opportunities for Clinical Pharmacists in Infectious Diseases Ward

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Percent of time in range 70-139mg/dL is associated with reduced mortality among critically ill patients receiving intravenous insulin infusion.

An intravenous insulin protocol designed for pregnancy reduces neonatal hypoglycaemia following betamethasone administration in women with gestational diabetes

Metaheuristic Optimization of Insulin Infusion Protocols Using Historical Data with Validation Using a Patient Simulator

IDMVis: Temporal Event Sequence Visualization for Type 1 Diabetes Treatment Decision Support

Prednisolone therapy in prolonged cerebral edema due to diabetic ketoacidosis

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Insulin Protocol 인슐린 프로토콜

Insulin Protocol 인슐린 프로토콜
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