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Nucleus accumbens cholinergic interneurons oppose cue-motivated behavior

Nucleus Accumbens Cholinergic Interneurons Oppose Cue-Motivated Behavior

Single-response appetitive Pavlovian to instrumental transfer is suppressed by aversive counter-conditioning

Cues play a critical role in estrous cycle-dependent enhancement of cocaine reinforcement

Pavlovian to Instrumental Transfer Responses Do Not Correlate With Addiction-Like Behavior in Rats

Outcome-specific Pavlovian-to-instrumental transfer (PIT) with alcohol cues and its extinction.

Affect-driven impulsivity impairs human action control and selection, as measured through Pavlovian instrumental transfer and outcome devaluation

Human appetitive Pavlovian-to-instrumental transfer: a goal-directed account.

Females pay a higher price for addiction

Individual differences in working memory capacity and cue-guided behavior in humans

Pavlovian-To-Instrumental Transfer and Alcohol Consumption in Young Male Social Drinkers: Behavioral, Neural and Polygenic Correlates

Measuring wanting without asking: The Pavlovian-to-instrumental transfer paradigm under test

Pavlovian-to-instrumental transfer after human threat conditioning.

Development of Pavlovian-to-instrumental transfer (PIT) task to examine the effects of reward-predicting cues on behavioral activation in young adults

Goal-Directed Control in Pavlovian-Instrumental Transfer

Cue-elicited craving and human Pavlovian-to-instrumental transfer

First-generation circular migrants involved in the upbringing of their grandchildren: the case of Turkish immigrants in Germany

Expected Value of Control and the Motivational Control of Habitual Action

Affective Pavlovian motivation is enhanced in obesity susceptible populations; implications for incentive motivation in obesity

The effect of conditioned inhibitors and preexposed cues on the outcome-specific Pavlovian-to-instrumental transfer effect in humans

Addiction as Learned Behavior Patterns

Appetitive Pavlovian-to-Instrumental Transfer in Participants with Normal-Weight and Obesity

Neural Response Patterns During Pavlovian-to-Instrumental Transfer Predict Alcohol Relapse and Young Adult Drinking

Effects of hM4Di activation in CamKII basolateral amygdala neurons and CNO treatment on Sensory-Specific vs. General-PIT; refining PIT circuits and considerations for using CNO

Food or friends? What motivates zebrafish (Danio rerio) performing a visual discrimination

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Instrumental Transfer 기악 전송

Instrumental Transfer 기악 전송
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