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Instrumental Delivery sentence examples within Decreased Instrumental Delivery

Indications for increase in caesarean delivery

Indications for increase in caesarean delivery

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Is failure of fetal head engagement during previous delivery a contraindication for trial of labor: A French retrospective study.

Successful versus unsuccessful instrumental deliveries-Predictors and obstetric outcomes.

Instrumental Delivery sentence examples within Vaginal Instrumental Delivery

Delivery mode is associated with maternal mental health following childbirth

Does programmed intermittent epidural bolus improve childbirth conditions of nulliparous women compared with patient-controlled epidural analgesia?: A multicentre, prospective, controlled, randomised, triple-blind study.

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Instrumental Delivery sentence examples within instrumental delivery rate

High-dose compared with low-dose oxytocin for induction of labour of nulliparous women at term

Technocratic childbirth models

Anal Sphincter Injury Associated with Vaginal Twin Delivery.

Prediction of labor outcome using serial transperineal ultrasound in the first stage of labor

Prevalence and predictors of primary postpartum hemorrhage: An implication for designing effective intervention at selected hospitals, Southern Ethiopia

Commentary on “Risk factors and outcome of repair of obstetric anal sphincter injuries as followed up in a dedicated perineal clinic”

Perinatal outcome following induction of labor in patients with good glycemic controlled gestational diabetes: does timing matter?

Evaluation of association factors for labor episodic pain during epidural analgesia

Vesico-vaginal fistula: A clinical study

Sonographic markers of increased fetal adiposity demonstrate an increased risk for Cesarean delivery.

The correlation of maternal childbirth experience satisfaction with postnatal depression, anxiety and stress scoring

The Mode of delivery of grand multiparous with post-cesarean single uterine scar in low resources settings: A retrospective cohort study

Babies in occiput posterior position are significantly more likely to require an emergency cesarean birth compared with babies in occiput transverse position in the second stage of labor: A prospective observational study

Atraumatic childbirth: is it a utopia?

Falling caesarean section rate and improving intra-partum outcomes: a prospective cohort study

Hair cortisol levels, psychological stress and psychopathological symptoms prior to instrumental deliveries.

Epidural analgesia and its implications in the maternal health in a low parity comunity

A qualitative study of hospital birth perceptions: The helix of priority needs.

Effect of Oral Carbohydrate Intake During Labor on the Rate of Instrumental Vaginal Delivery: A Multicenter, Randomized Controlled Trial

Whole-Body Cooling and Erythropoietin in Neonatal Cervical Spine Injury.

Fetomaternal outcome in caesarean section at full dilatation

Pprom - Its Prevalence, Predictors, maternal and neonatal outcomes

Birth-related subconjunctival and retinal haemorrhages in the Newborn Eye Screening Test (NEST) Cohort

Ambulatory Labor Analgesia with Patient-controlled Analgesia Pump: An Observational Study

Anal incontinence after caesarean and vaginal delivery in Sweden: a national population-based study

Deceleration of fetal growth rate as alternative predictor for childhood outcomes: a birth cohort study

Early mother-infant interaction after delivery: A naturalistic study

Characteristics of women with different perinatal depression trajectories

Coccyx pain in women after childbirth.

Risk factors and outcome of repair of obstetric anal sphincter injuries as followed up in a dedicated perineal clinic

Síndrome miasténico congénito en gestante: entidad clínica poco frecuente

A Comparison of Low – Concentration Ropivacaine (0.075%) with Fentanyl Versus Bupivacaine (0.05%) with Fentanyl for Labour Epidural Analgesia

Maternal anxiety, depression and asthma and adverse pregnancy outcomes – a population based study

Impact of maternal antepartum depressive and anxiety symptoms on birth outcomes and mode of delivery: a prospective cohort study in east and west coasts of Malaysia

Robotic Anal Sphincter Repair (RASeR) procedure – a video vignette

Dynamic changes of fetal head descent at term before the onset of labor correlate with labor outcome and can be improved by ultrasound visual feedback.

Study of pregnancy outcome in relation to first trimester body mass index

Coccyx pain in women after childbirth.

Customised growth charts in large-for-gestational-age infants and the association with emergency caesarean section rate.


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Instrumental Delivery 기악 전달

Instrumental Delivery 기악 전달
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