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Fabrication and characterization of a ceramic membrane from clay and banana peel powder: Application to industrial wastewater treatment

Elimination of Toxic Heavy Metals from Aqueous Systems Using Potential Biosorbents: A Review

Caracterización de compuestos antidiabéticos potentes de Costus pictus D. Don encontrados en Assam, India usando métodos in vitro e in vivo

Europium(III) functionalized 3D covalent organic framework for quinones adsorption and sensing investigation.

Smoothness as a tactile percept: Correlating ‘oral’ tribology with sensory measurements

BiFeO3/MoS2 nanocomposites with the synergistic effect between ≡MoVI/≡MoIV and ≡FeIII/≡FeII redox cycles for enhanced Fenton-like activity

Preparation of Efficient Carbon-Based Adsorption MaterialUsing Asphaltenes from Asphalt Rocks

Lanthanum‑iron binary oxide nanoparticles: As cost-effective fluoride adsorbent and oxygen gas sensor

Synthesis, modification and use of lignified bamboo isolate for the renovation of crystal violet dye effluent

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Instrumental Characterization 기기 특성화

Instrumental Characterization 기기 특성화
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