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Nigrostriatal Dopamine Signals Sequence-Specific Action-Outcome Prediction Errors

Nigrostriatal dopamine signals sequence-specific action-outcome prediction errors

Adult intervention levels in young children’s free play: an observational study on how Pikler educators combine the instrumental and relational dimensions of their educational activity

How predictive learning influences choice: Evidence for a GPCR‐based memory process necessary for Pavlovian‐instrumental transfer

The emancipation of gestures

Reduced sensitivity to devaluation for instrumental but not consummatory behaviors in binge eating prone rats

Human appetitive Pavlovian-to-instrumental transfer: a goal-directed account.

Hierarchical Action Control: Adaptive Collaboration Between Actions and Habits

The Ratio of Instrumental Action to Criminal Laws: Throwing in language game

Affective Pragmatics Extended: From Natural to Overt Expressions of Emotions

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Instrumental Actions 도구적 조치

Instrumental Actions 도구적 조치
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