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The transition toward resilient water management regimes: where are we now?

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Are good institutions required to import economic growth? The case of tourism

The Prosecutorial Targets Question

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Understanding overdose incidents in Canadian federal custody.

Forty Years of Rape Myth Acceptance Interventions: A Systematic Review of What Works in Naturalistic Institutional Settings and How this can be Applied to Educational Guidance for Jurors.

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Terrorism, innovation and venture capital

The political economy of social protection adoption

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Tutelarsi dall’emergenza: ripensare le pratiche educative nella tutela dei minorenni attraverso l’esperienza della pandemia

Community-Based Livestock Breeding: Coordinated Action or Relational Process?

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Corporate governance and voluntary disclosure: evidence from India

What are the regionally specific institutions that matter for renewable energy deployment and how can they be identified? Some insights from Italian regions

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Tetun akadémiku: University lecturers’ roles in the intellectualisation of Tetum

The value of education among immigrants and non-immigrants and how this translates into educational aspirations: a comparison of four European countries

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Political Performance and Populist Representation

Distributed digital contexts and learning: Personal empowerment and social transformation in marginalized populations

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Insider Status-Membership Involvement Offer Trade Off? The Case of Green Parties and Environmental Organisations

Special section editorial: Enforcement of financial reporting

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Comparative Analysis of Local Community Protection Mechanisms in Kosovo and North Macedonia

Busy female directors: an exploratory analysis of the impact of quotas and interest groups

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Institutions and Business Strategies

Explaining subjective social status in two countries: The relative importance of education, occupation, income and childhood circumstances

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Do Converged to IFRS National Standards and Corporate Governance Attributes Affect Accounting Conservatism? Evidence from China

Do sustainability reporting conduct and corporate governance attributes relate? Empirical evidence from China

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Development of a Study tool to Assess Gaps in Respectful Maternity Care in Health Facilities of India

Impact of corporate life cycle on misclassification practices: evidence from IFRS adoption in India

New Empirical Tests for Classic Litigation Selection Models: Evidence from a Low Settlement Environment

Making-Do on the Margins: Organizing Resource Seeking and Rhetorical Agency in Communities During Grassroots Entrepreneurship

Pension Knowledge and the Effectiveness of Pension Reforms

Farmer characteristics and decision-making: A model for bioenergy crop adoption

In government we trust? Micro-business adaptation to climate change in four post-colonial and transitional economies of China

Protocol for the COG-UK hospital onset COVID-19 infection (HOCI) multicentre interventional clinical study: evaluating the efficacy of rapid genome sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 in limiting the spread of COVID-19 in United Kingdom NHS hospitals

Institutional settings and local embeddedness of European entrepreneurial families: an inter-regional comparison

Does studying abroad influence graduates’ wages?

Guys and dolls: Two case reports of spontaneous interactions with dolls in male veterans with dementia.

Hospital admissions and place of death prior and during COVID-19: Real-world data from a Brazilian cancer center.

Inclusive innovation and the “ordinary” city: Incidental or integral?

The cost of CO2 transport and storage in global integrated assessment modeling

Inovasi Praktik Pekerjaan Sosial dalam Pelayanan Sosial Anak Pada Masa Covid-19

The Tale of Two 1001-Night Cities An Actor-Network View on the Role of Social Structures and the Motives and Intentions of Agents in Spatial Development of the Medieval Bagdad and Isfahan

“Labor Trafficking in Portugal: Victims Perceptions of Formal Support, Post-Victimization and Impact”

Corporate Governance and Dividend Reinvestment Plans: Insights from Imputation Tax in Australia

Applications for pharmacogenomics in pharmacy practice: A scoping review.

Predictive Value of the GLIM Criteria in Chinese Community-Dwelling and Institutionalized Older Adults Aged 70 Years and Over

Knightian uncertainty in non-market institutional settings: the case of democracy and nonprofit civil society

The Impact of Linguistic Diversity on the Social Justice and Equity Pedagogy to Knowledge Construction

A novel explanation for idiosyncratic volatility anomaly: An asset decomposition perspective

Psychological treatment of depression in institutional settings: A meta-analytic review.

‘Tear down your institutions’. Empirical and evolutionary perspectives on institutional care in SOS Children’s Villages

Restorative Practices in Institutional Settings: The Challenges of Contractualised Support within the Managed Community of Supported Housing

Power, Authority, and Leginitmacy in Times of Lockdown

Secondary Attack Rates in Primary and Secondary School Bubbles Following a Confirmed Case: Active, Prospective National Surveillance, November to December 2020, England

Transcoding authenticity: preserving unreleased gaming software outside of memory institutions

Interactions between healthcare robots and older people in Japan: A qualitative descriptive analysis study.

Upward, Lateral, or Downward? Multiple Perspectives on Migrants’ Educational Mobilities

Cognition and behavior in context: a framework and theories to explain natural resource use decisions in social-ecological systems


Opportunity management of the COVID-19 pandemic: testing the crisis from a global perspective

Necessity or opportunity? Government size, tax policy, corruption, and implications for entrepreneurship

The Role of Institutional Investors in Improving Board of Director Attributes around the World

86Segmenting persistently high-cost individuals into actionable groups

Pain Assessment for Individuals with Advanced Dementia in Care Homes: A Systematic Review

The Cost of CO2 Transport and Storage in Global Integrated Assessment Modeling

Physical properties of menstrual hygiene waste as feedstock for onsite disposal technologies

Earnings Management in Frontier Market: Do Institutional Settings Matter?

Perceived organizational support in public and nonprofit organizations: Systematic review and directions for future research

Estimating the contribution of transmission in primary healthcare clinics to community-wide TB disease incidence, and the impact of infection prevention and control interventions, in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Expressing thinking in institutional interaction: Stancetaking in mental health rehabilitation group discussions

Awareness of Age-Related Change as a Behavioral Determinant of Survival Time in Very Old Age

Crispin Thurlow, Christa Dürscheid, & Federica Diémoz (eds.), Visualizing digital discourse: Interactional, institutional and ideological perspectives. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 2020. Pp. 270. Hb. €100.

Symptom trajectories of non-cancer patients in the last six months of life: Identifying needs in a population-based home care cohort

The Role Of CEO Characteristics In Firm Innovative Performance: A Comparative Analysis Of EU Countries And Russia

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