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Investigations on the Application of the Downhill-Simplex-Algorithm to the Inverse Determination of Material Model Parameters for FE-Machining Simulations

Considering multiple process observables to determine material model parameters for FE-cutting simulations

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AutoFrame: A Novel Procedure to Auto-Convert Architectural Massing Models into Structural Simulation Models to Streamline Embodied- and Operational-Carbon Assessment and Daylight Evaluation in Early Design

Estimating Sensitivity to Input Model Variance

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Faster and Generalized Temporal Triangle Counting, via Degeneracy Ordering

Method for Estimating the Instrumental Function of the Uragan Muon Hodoscope Based on Monte-Carlo Simulations

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Adaptive cooperative dynamic surface control of non-strict feedback multi-agent systems with input dead-zones and actuator failures

Minkowski sum computation for planar freeform geometric models using $$G^1$$G1-biarc approximation and interior disk culling

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Bayesian metamodeling of complex biological systems across varying representations

Bayesian metamodeling of complex biological systems across varying representations

Influences on the Seismic Response of the Gravity Dam-Foundation-Reservoir System with Different Boundary and Input Models

Combining CFD and artificial neural network techniques to predict the thermal performance of all-glass straight evacuated tube solar collector

Investigation of alkali and alkaline earth solvation structures in tetraglyme solvent.

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Learning Multi-Modal Volumetric Prostate Registration With Weak Inter-Subject Spatial Correspondence

Probability elicitation using geostatistics in hydrocarbon exploration

An Embedded Polygon Strategy for Quality Improvement of 2D Quadrilateral Meshes with Boundaries

Fast linking numbers for topology verification of loopy structures

Neural network-based build time estimation for additive manufacturing: a performance comparison

Inference of thermodynamic state in the asthenosphere from anelastic properties, with applications to North American upper mantle

Worst-Case Execution Time Calculation for Query-Based Monitors by Witness Generation

Convolutional neural network for classifying primary liver cancer based on triple-phase CT and tumor marker information: a pilot study

From integrative structural biology to cell biology

Random Perturbation and Bagging to Quantify Input Uncertainty

Efficient Input Uncertainty Quantification Via Green Simulation Using Sample Path Likelihood Ratios

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Modeling and identification of uncertain-input systems

Constraints handling in combinatorial interaction testing using multi-objective crow search and fruitfly optimization

Unsupervised Co-segmentation of 3D Shapes Based on Components

Input-Output Uncertainty Comparisons for Discrete Optimization via Simulation

Soft Sensor Design of Solar Irradiance Using Multiple Linear Regression

LineUp: Computing Chain-Based Physical Transformation

Dual‐input tracer kinetic modeling of dynamic contrast‐enhanced MRI in thoracic malignancies

Metamodel-Assisted Sensitivity Analysis for Controlling the Impact of Input Uncertainty

Optimization-Based Calibration of Simulation Input Models

SAR image simulation for performance assessment

Performance Prediction of Hyperspectral Target Detection Algorithms via Importance Sampling

Diagnosis model of pancreatic cancer based on fusion of distribution estimation algorithm and genetic algorithm

Supporting automated containment checking of software behavioural models using model transformations and model checking

Demo: a design studio for verification tools

Multimodal Cardiac Segmentation Using Disentangled Representation Learning

The power of block-encoded matrix powers: improved regression techniques via faster Hamiltonian simulation

Revising canons of writing skills development in the academic setting: Towards a synergy of teacher and student creative effort

A genetic programming framework in the automatic design of combination models for salient object detection

Quantifying and reducing input modelling error in simulation

Improvements in Quantum SDP-Solving with Applications

Multidimensional Hierarchical Model of Behavioral Testing of Distributed Information Systems

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Joint state/input estimation with a Fourier dictionary for the input representation: effect of spectral leakage

A Performance Analysis of Large Scale Scientific Computing Applications from Log Archives

Accurate appearance preserving prefiltering for rendering displacement-mapped surfaces

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Input Models 입력 모델

Input Models 입력 모델
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