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Input Distribution sentence examples within Achieving Input Distribution

Is Phase Shift Keying Optimal for Channels with Phase-Quantized Output?

Achieving Channel Capacity of Visible Light Communication

Input Distribution sentence examples within Uniform Input Distribution

High-Dimensional Distribution Generation Through Deep Neural Networks

Capacity of underwater optical wireless communication systems over salinity-induced oceanic turbulence channels with ISI.

Input Distribution sentence examples within Different Input Distribution

An Improved High-Moment Method for Reliability Analysis Based on Polynomial Chaos Expansion

Modelling spin evolution of magnetars

Input Distribution sentence examples within Wdm Input Distribution

A State-Variable Approach to Submarine Links Capacity Optimization

A State-Variable Approach to Submarine Links Capacity Optimization

Input Distribution sentence examples within Given Input Distribution

Approximating Probability Distributions by ReLU Networks

An Upgrading Algorithm with Optimal Power Law

Input Distribution sentence examples within Optimal Input Distribution

Covert communication with beamforming over MISO channels in the finite blocklength regime

Isotropic and Non-Isotropic Signaling in Multivariate α-Stable Noise

Input Distribution sentence examples within Unknown Input Distribution

Identification of missing input distributions with an inverse multi-modal Polynomial Chaos approach based on scarce data

Simultaneous Unknown Input and State Estimation for the Linear System with a Rank-Deficient Distribution Matrix

Input Distribution sentence examples within input distribution matrix

Design and Implementation of a New Control Reconfiguration Scheme to Exploit Actuator Redundancy in Aerospace Application

Backstepping Control for a Tandem Rotor UAV Robot with Two 2-DOF Tiltable Coaxial Rotors

Using Base-ml to Learn Classification of Common Vestibular Disorders on DizzyReg Registry Data

MMCD VAE Model for Deep Facial Scale-Invariant-Feature-Translation

Heterogeneity across neural populations: Its significance for the dynamics and functions of neural circuits.

Queuing Systems with a Time Lag

Numerically Computable Lower Bounds on the Capacity of the (1, ∞)-RLL Input-Constrained Binary Erasure Channel

An Information-Theoretic Perspective on Proper Quaternion Variational Autoencoders

Building resilient food system amidst COVID-19: Responses and lessons from China

Multimodal Optimization with the Local Optimum Ranking 2 Algorithm

Text Augmentation in a Multi-Task View

Enhanced AlexNet with Super-Resolution for Low-Resolution Face Recognition

Sensitivity analysis of stochastic frontier analysis models

Online Discrepancy Minimization for Stochastic Arrivals

Trap level spectroscopy of disordered materials using thermoluminescence: An application to aluminosilicate glass

The future costs of methane emissions.

Developmental effects in the online use of morphosyntactic cues in sentence processing: Evidence from Tagalog

Probabilistically Shaped 4-PAM for Short-Reach IM/DD Links With a Peak Power Constraint

Decentralized Data Fusion with Probabilistically Conservative Ellipsoidal Intersection


Fast online computation of the Qn estimator with applications to the detection of outliers in data streams

Statistical Mechanical Analysis of Catastrophic Forgetting in Continual Learning with Teacher and Student Networks

Global modelling of plastic beaching indicates coastlines and coastal waters as significant plastic reservoirs

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Input Distribution 입력 분포

Input Distribution 입력 분포
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