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Initial Oxidation sentence examples within Rapid Initial Oxidation

Impact of algal extracellular polymeric substances on the environmental fate and risk of molybdenum disulfide in aqueous media.

Chemical Stability and Transformation of Molybdenum Disulfide Nanosheets in Environmental Media.

Initial Oxidation sentence examples within Temperature Initial Oxidation

Initial oxidation of Ni-based superalloy and its dynamic microscopic mechanisms: The interface junction initiated outwards oxidation

Improvement of high-temperature initial oxidation behavior of HR3C austenitic heat-resistant steel using silicon modification: experimental and first-principle study

Initial Oxidation sentence examples within initial oxidation state

The origin of the high electrochemical activity of pseudo-amorphous iridium oxides

Self-Assembled Heterometallic Complexes by Incorporation of Calcium or Strontium Ion into a Manganese(II) 12-Metallacrown-3 Framework Supported by a Tripodal Ligand with Pyridine-Carboxylate Motifs: Stability in Their Manganese(III) Oxidized Form.

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Initial Oxidation sentence examples within initial oxidation stage

Effect of the ZrB2 content on the oxygen blocking ability of ZrB2-SiC coating at 1973K

Oxidation behavior and interdiffusion of Ta Al multilayer films and Inconel 617 alloy

Initial Oxidation sentence examples within initial oxidation rate

Oxidation behavior of medium-entropy (Y1/3Yb1/3Lu1/3)2O3 modified SiC ceramic at 1700 °C: Experimental and theoretical study

Rates of Abiotic MnII Oxidation by O2: Influence of Various Multidentate Ligands at High pH.

Initial Oxidation sentence examples within initial oxidation behavior

New insight on mechanisms of Si element improving the oxidation resistance of titanium matrix composites

H2O and O2 co-adsorption on 3C-SiC (111) by first-principle calculations: The role of water in initial oxidation

Initial Oxidation sentence examples within initial oxidation temperature

Kinetics of oxidation roasting of molybdenite with different particle sizes

Enhancing the oxidation resistance and electrical conductivity of alumina reinforced copper-based composites via introducing Ag and annealing treatment

Initial Oxidation sentence examples within initial oxidation proces

Surface phase stability of surface segregated AgPd and AgCu nanoalloys in an oxygen atmosphere

ReaxFF reactive molecular dynamics study on oxidation behavior of 3C-SiC in H2O and O2

Initial Oxidation sentence examples within initial oxidation step

Role of the solvent in the activation of Li2S as cathode material: a DFT study

Low-temperature oxidation of monobromobenzene: Bromine transformation and yields of phenolic species.

Initial Oxidation sentence examples within initial oxidation resistance

Oxidation behavior of non-stoichiometric (Zr,Hf,Ti)Cx carbide solid solution powders in air

General trends in surface stability and oxygen adsorption behavior of transition metal diborides (TMB2)

Initial Oxidation sentence examples within initial oxidation potential

Effect of pH Value on Electroless Deposition of Copper Graphite Powders

Bidirectional controlling synthesis of branched PdCu nanoalloys for efficient and robust formic acid oxidation electrocatalysis.

Initial Oxidation sentence examples within initial oxidation mechanism

Low density polyethylene degradation by filamentous fungi.

Effects of Nitrogen Dioxide on the Oxidation of Levitated exo-Tetrahydrodicyclopentadiene (JP-10) Droplets Doped with Aluminum Nanoparticles.

Initial Oxidation sentence examples within initial oxidation process

Initial atomic-scale oxidation pathways on a Ni–15Cr(100) alloy surface

Microbial degradation pathways of the herbicide bentazone in filter sand used for drinking water treatment

Initial Oxidation sentence examples within initial oxidation reaction

Selective Oxidation of Glyoxal to Glyoxalic Acid by Air over Mesoporous Silica Supported Pd Catalysts

Analysis of III–V oxides at high-k/InGaAs interfaces induced by metal electrodes

Initial Oxidation sentence examples within initial oxidation level

Revisiting the Grain and Valence Effect of Oxide-Derived Copper on Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction Using Single Crystal Cu(111) Foils.

Lignin-Based Biopolymeric Active Packaging System for Oil Products.

Initial Oxidation sentence examples within initial oxidation product

Oxidation Chemistry of DNA and p53 Tumor Suppressor Gene

Making more from methane

Initial Oxidation sentence examples within initial oxidation intermediate

Comparative study on the degradation of cephalexin by four electrochemical advanced oxidation processes: Evolution of oxidation intermediates and antimicrobial activity

Electrochemical degradation of the antibiotic ciprofloxacin in a flow reactor using distinct BDD anodes: Reaction kinetics, identification and toxicity of the degradation products.

Isolation and Characterization of Novel Bacteria Capable of Degrading 1,4-Dioxane in the Presence of Diverse Co-Occurring Compounds

A pulse oxidation facility for the study of oxide nucleation behavior.

Treatment of 1,4-dioxane-containing water using carriers immobilized with indigenous microorganisms in landfill leachate treatment sludge: A laboratory-scale reactor study.

Anodic Olefin Coupling Reactions: Elucidating Radical Cation Mechanisms and the Interplay between Cyclization and Second Oxidation Steps

Mixed ionic-electronic transport in the high-entropy (Co,Cu,Mg,Ni,Zn)1-Li O oxides

Oxygen Generation via Water Splitting by a Novel Biogenic Metal Ion-Binding Compound

Reversible Proton-Coupled Reduction of an Iron Nitrosyl Porphyrin within [DBU-H]+-Based Protic Ionic Liquid Nanodomains.

Risk Assessment of Oxidizability of Coal after Dynamic Hazard and Its Effect on Functional Groups and Radicals

Surface Structure Analysis of Initial High-Temperature Oxidation of SS441 Stainless Steel

Effects of irradiation defects on the adsorption of oxygen on 3C-SiC low index surfaces

Effects of different modified atmosphere treatments on lipid oxidation in spiced beef at different storage temperatures

Atomic insights into the thermal runaway process of hydrogen peroxide and 1,3,5-trimethybenzene mixture: Combining ReaxFF MD and DFT methods

Effects of Constituent Phases on Oxidation Kinetics of Al-Mg Alloys Containing a Trace of Ca.

Development and validation of a reduced polyoxymethylene dimethyl ether 3 – Biodiesel reaction mechanism for engine application

A membraneless self-powered photoelectrochemical biosensor based on Bi2S3/BiPO4 heterojunction photoanode coupling with redox cycling signal amplification strategy.

The Initial Oxidation of HfNiSn Half-Heusler Alloy by Oxygen and Water Vapor

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A comparison between flow-through cathode and mixed tank cells for the electro-Fenton process with conductive diamond anode.

Laboratory evolution reveals the metabolic and regulatory basis of ethylene glycol metabolism by Pseudomonas putida KT2440.

Influence of initial oxidation and secondary oxidation on spontaneous combustion of lignite

Microstructure and Oxidation Performance of TiAl-(Cr, Nb, Ta) Coatings Fabricated by Warm Spray and High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel Spraying

Exceptional supercapacitor performance from optimized oxidation of graphene-oxide

Genetic and Physiological Characteristics of a Novel Marine Propylene-Assimilating Halieaceae Bacterium Isolated from Seawater and the Diversity of Its Alkene and Epoxide Metabolism Genes

Direct catalytic transformation of white phosphorus into arylphosphines and phosphonium salts

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Stimulatory and inhibitory effects of metals on 1,4-dioxane degradation by four different 1,4-dioxane-degrading bacteria.

Initial Fe3O4(100) Formation on Fe(100)

Effect of stretching on the initial oxidation of 3C-SiC nanowire by first-principle simulation

AZO (Al:ZnO) thin films with high figure of merit as stable indium free transparent conducting oxide

Initial Oxidation 초기 산화

Initial Oxidation 초기 산화
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