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Implementation of the standardized, evidence-based three-stage suicide risk screening: Experience of a large Veterans Affairs medical center.

The Renfrew Unified Treatment for Eating Disorders and Comorbidity: Long-Term Effects of an Evidence-Based Practice Implementation in Residential Treatment

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OASD: An Open Approach to Self-Driving Vehicle

STMs in practice: Partial rollback vs pure abort mechanisms

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Strategies for successful implementation and permanent maintenance of a rapid response system

Sustainability of hospital-based midwife-led antenatal care consultation — a qualitative study

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Implementation and evaluation of an IV room technology-assisted workflow system integrated within the electronic medical record at oncology infusion center pharmacies.

CBE: A Framework to Guide the Application of Marketing to Behavior Change

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Challenges of Transition to Paperless Management: Readiness of Incorporating AI in Decision-making Processes

Contextualised implementation and scale-up of Integrated Care in Europe

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The Attending Meritocracy: Implementation of a Novel Team-Based Approach to Provide Effective Resident Feedback.

Description of a Multi-faceted COVID-19 Pandemic Physician Workforce Plan at a Multi-site Academic Health System

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Leveraging Physical, Digital and Knowledge Connectivity for Smart Villages

Assessment Standards for 5S Implementation on SMEs of Ship Component

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A Novel Patient Values Tab for the Electronic Health Record: A User-Centered Design Approach

Initial experience introducing an enhanced recovery program in congenital cardiac surgery.

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A step toward understanding the mechanism of action of audit and feedback: a qualitative study of implementation strategies

94 A qualitative study to explore the experiences and roles of early adopters in the early implementation of magnolia house, a new facility for sharing life-altering information and bereavement care

A micro costing analysis of the development of a primary care intervention to improve the uptake of diabetic retinopathy screening

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Multi-Party Collaboration in 5G Networks via DLT-Enabled Marketplaces: A Pragmatic Approach

The DNAxs software suite: A three-year retrospective study on the development, architecture, testing and implementation in forensic casework

The Use of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Pharmaceutical Advertisements in Televised and Print Formats as a Teaching Tool in a Pharmacy Curriculum

From Monitoring and Modeling to Management: How to Improve Water Quality in Brazilian Rivers? A Case Study: Piabanha River Watershed

Understanding the EU Customs Union, Free Movement of Goods, and Enforcement Mechanisms in the Protocol on Northern Ireland: A Legal Appraisal


CSF: Formative Feedback in Autograding

Unveiling Southern Africa: John Barrow’s map of 1801

A Portable Implementation of RANLUX++

Croatian banks profitability under capital requirements pressure

University students’ perception of online learning: A case study of Virtual Class learning management system in the University of Lampung

Self-Reported Assessment of Outcome-Based Education in Philippine Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Residency Training Programs by Consultants and Residents

Implementing enhanced patient care to promote patient engagement in HIV care in a rural setting in Kenya

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Evaluation of Self-directed Learning through Problem-based Learning in the Online Class During Covid-19 Epidemic

Towards super-collated gridded ACSPO SST product from multiple geostationary satellites (L3S-GEO)

Automated Plan Checking Software Demonstrates Continuous and Sustained Improvements in Safety and Quality: A 3-year Longitudinal Analysis.

Governance of nature-based solutions through intermediaries for urban transitions: A case study from Melbourne, Australia

What should we pay attention to when classifying violent videos?

Early Experiences in the Integration of Non-communicable Diseases into Emergency Primary Health Care, Beni Region, Democratic Republic of the Congo

NGScloud2: optimized bioinformatic analysis using Amazon Web Services

Automatic boost articulation therapy in adults with dysarthria: Acceptability, usability and user interaction.

Implementing COVIDSafe: The Role of Trustworthiness and Information Privacy Law

Towards decoloniality in a social work programme: a process of dialogue, reflexivity, action and change

Action research as a method for initial implementation of a new pharmacy-led care delivery model at the Health Centre Zagreb - Centre

The impact of successive COVID-19 lockdowns on people mobility, lockdown efficiency, and municipal solid waste

The Early Milestones of Team-based Learning: The Key is Sustained Practice

Tell me when you are sleepy and what may wake you up!

Implementing an Application Programming Interface for PROMIS Measures at Three Medical Centers.

Hospital-based violence intervention: strategies for cultivating internal support, community partnerships, and strengthening practitioner engagement

On-line polymerisation monitoring in scCO2: a reliable and inexpensive sampling method in high pressure applications

A (semi-)probabilistic storm surge EWS implementation for the Emilia-Romagna region (Italy)

A case study of bureaucratic discretion: heterogeneous application of market entry regulation in Germany

Mental Health and Behavior of College Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Longitudinal Mobile Smartphone and Ecological Momentary Assessment Study, Part II

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