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Commercial and technical productization for fact-based product portfolio management over lifecycle

Constructing citizen engagement in health research priority-setting to attend to dynamics of power and difference.

Citizen observatory based soil moisture monitoring – The GROW example

GLS2 is protumorigenic in breast cancers


Aging, context processing, and comprehension

A physicochemical roadmap of yeast replicative aging

Eating Disorders in the Workplace: A Qualitative Investigation of Women’s Experiences

Key elements of an information security culture in organisations

Sustainability in Crisis: Towards Business Continuity in Small and Medium Enterprises

Progress and Challenges: Development and Implementation of CRISPR/Cas9 Technology in Filamentous Fungi

Real time health monitoring through urine metabolomics

Knowledge management and coopetition: How do cooperating competitors balance the needs to share and protect their knowledge?

Institutional Logics and Pluralistic Responses to Enterprise System Implementation: A Qualitative Meta-Analysis

SSDs Revisited: Part I-A Framework for Sample Size Guidance on Species Sensitivity Distribution Analysis.

Resepfinder as an iOS-Based Local Cooking Recommendation

Co/Immunity and the Biopolitics of Purity: ‘Purity Is Danger’

Parental perspectives on decision-making about hypospadias surgery.

Images of Self in Psychological Thought

Opportunities for genomic selection in American mink: A simulation study

Aligning DMBOK and Open Government with the FAIR Data Principles

Framework for a maintenance-focused conservation system

Automated Dispute Resolution System (ADRS) – A Proposed Initial Framework for Digital Justice in Online Consumer Transactions in India

Health Care Gamification: A Study of Game Mechanics and Elements


Association Between Density of Foraging Bees and Fruit Set in Commercial Fields of Rabbiteye Blueberries (Ericales: Ericaceae) in Louisiana and Mississippi.

A Framework for Sustainable Eco-Friendly Product Development Based on TRIZ

Goal-setting in physiotherapy: exploring a person-centered perspective.

Problematic risk-taking involving emerging technologies: A stakeholder framework to minimize harms.

Comparison of coverage areas of two different sensor network arrangements for structural health monitoring of plate-like structures

Resilient performance of emergency department: Patterns, models and strategies

Development of a conversion model between mechanical and electrical vestibular stimuli.

On the application of a metaheuristic suite with parallel implementations for the scheduling of multipurpose batch plants

Success Factors of Collaboration in the Context of DevOps

Politics in internal integration for supply chain management (Extended Abstract)

An Initial Framework for Mobile Healthcare Systems using Deep Neural Networks

Depraetere et al - Critical interpretive synthesis: An assessment of reporting practices

Evaluating societal outcomes of orthognathic surgery: an innovative application of the Social Return on Investment methodology to patients after orthognathic treatment.

Interconnectivity of Big Data Sources: Exploring Synergistic Relationships among Data

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Initial Framework 초기 프레임워크

Initial Framework 초기 프레임워크
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