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Initial Contact sentence examples within knee flexion angle

On the impact force analysis of two-leg landing with a flexed knee.

Effect of Heel-First Strike Gait on Knee and Ankle Mechanics

Initial Contact sentence examples within peak vertical ground

Are Landing Patterns in Jumping Athletes Associated with Patellar Tendinopathy? A Systematic Review with Evidence Gap Map and Meta-analysis

Explosive Quadriceps Strength Symmetry and Landing Mechanics Limb Symmetry following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction in Females.

Initial Contact sentence examples within maximum knee flexion

Analyze the Differential Rates of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries Between Men and Women by Biomechanical Study of Single-Leg Landing in Badminton.


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Initial Contact sentence examples within peak knee flexion

Larger hip external rotation motion is associated with larger knee abduction and internal rotation motions during a drop vertical jump.

Effect of Static Alignment on Dynamic Knee Abduction Moments in Adolescent Athletes with Recent ACL Reconstruction

Initial Contact sentence examples within ground reaction force

Prelanding movement strategies among chronic ankle instability, coper, and control subjects.

Leg and Joint Stiffness Adaptations to Minimalist and Maximalist Running Shoes.

Initial Contact sentence examples within vertical ground reaction

Progression of Fatigue Modifies Primary Contributors to Ground Reaction Forces During Drop Landing

Investigating the landing kinetics factors and preparatory knee muscle activation in female handball players with and without dynamic knee valgus while performing single leg landing

Initial Contact sentence examples within 100 % precision

Validation of IMU-based gait event detection during curved walking and turning in older adults and Parkinson’s Disease patients

Initial Contact sentence examples within At Initial Contact

Running gait biomechanics in females with chronic ankle instability and ankle sprain copers.

Study protocol for a prospective, double-blinded, observational study investigating the diagnostic accuracy of an app-based diagnostic health care application in an emergency room setting: the eRadaR trial

Initial Contact sentence examples within Upon Initial Contact

Adaptation of Staphylococcus aureus to the Human Skin Environment Identified Using an ex vivo Tissue Model

Amorphization and intermetallic nucleation in early-stage interfacial diffusion during Sn-solder/Ni solid-state bonding

Initial Contact sentence examples within Panasil Initial Contact


Evaluation of material waste, dimensional stability, and detail reproduction of polyvinyl siloxane impression materials mixed with different mixing tips.

Initial Contact sentence examples within Detect Initial Contact

Gait events detection using inertial sensors, Apple Watch, and the G-WALK reference system

Detection of foot contact in treadmill running with inertial and optical measurement systems.

Initial Contact sentence examples within initial contact angle

Mechanical model and contact properties of double row slewing ball bearing for wind turbine

The Action Difference of Lasiodiplodia theobromae on Infecting and Dyeing Poplar Wood in Spatial Growth

Initial Contact sentence examples within initial contact point

Molecular investigation on the adhesion and deformation behaviors of asphalt binder under nanoindentation

Precision Assembly Simulation of Skin Model Shapes Accounting for Contact Deformation and Geometric Deviations for Statistical Tolerance Analysis Method

Initial Contact sentence examples within initial contact pressure

Surface characteristics underpinning fretting wear performance of heavily loaded duplex chameleon/PEO coatings on Al

Ultralow friction of 5CB liquid crystal on steel surfaces using a 1,3-diketone additive

Initial Contact sentence examples within initial contact time

The Initial Formation of the Skin Layer of PLGA Microparticles.

Synthesis of Silver-Impregnated Magnetite Mesoporous Silica Composites for Removing Iodide in Aqueous Solution

Initial Contact sentence examples within initial contact line

An immersed boundary-lattice Boltzmann model for simulation of deposited particle patterns in an evaporating sessile droplet with dispersed particles

Scalings of Rayleigh-Taylor Instability at Large Viscosity Contrasts in Porous Media.

Initial Contact sentence examples within initial contact area

Analysis of Different Stop-Jumping Strategies on the Biomechanical Changes in the Lower Limbs

Impact Pressure Evaluation of Water Jet Peening on Typical Concave Surfaces: Theoretical and Finite Element Analysis

Initial Contact sentence examples within initial contact force

Radiographic and plantar pressure assessment of pes planovalgus severity in children with cerebral palsy.

Fluid Stiction From a Contact Condition

Initial Contact sentence examples within initial contact posture

Parametric analysis of landing injury : The effect of landing posture and joint displacement.

On the impact force analysis of two-leg landing with a flexed knee.

Initial Contact sentence examples within initial contact phase

Effect of trunk muscles fatigue on plantar pressure distribution in novice runners.

The Effect of High-Intensity Intermittent Training on the Acute Gait Plantar Pressure in Healthy Young Adults

Functional Bandaging in Children with Idiopathic Toe Walking.

Head and body dyskinesia during gait in tactical athletes with vestibular deficit following concussion

Effects of 12-week transition training with minimalist shoes on Achilles tendon loading in habitual rearfoot strike runners.

Wearing Cushioning Shoes Reduce Load Rates More Effectively in Post-Fatigue than in Pre-Fatigue during Landings

Comparative sensory and instrumental analyses and principal components of commercial sunscreens.

Kinematic Characteristics of Male Runners With a History of Recurrent Calf Muscle Strain Injury

Reliability, validity, and maturation-related differences of frontal and sagittal plane landing kinematic measures during drop jump and tuck jump screening tests in male youth soccer players.

Exploiting pilus-mediated bacteria-host interactions for health benefits.

Can multi-stakeholder forums mediate indigenous rights and development priorities? Insights from the Peruvian Amazon

First-time anterior cruciate ligament injury in adolescent female elite athletes: a prospective cohort study to identify modifiable risk factors

Adsorption of SARS‐CoV‐2 Spike Protein S1 at Oxide Surfaces Studied by High‐Speed Atomic Force Microscopy

An international profile of the practice of osteopaths: A systematic review of surveys

Outcomes of Patellar Tendon Imbrication With Distal Femoral Extension Osteotomy for Treatment of Crouch Gait

Flagellar beating pattern of male gametes during the fertilization process of the marine green macroalga Bryopsis maxima (Ulvophyceae, Chlorophyta)

Health and Wellness Literacy Initiatives for Immigrant Populations Delivered Through Faith-Based Entities

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Antimicrobial peptides from Actinobacteria: Current status and future prospects

Improving victim engagement and officer response in rape investigations: A longitudinal assessment of a brief training

Development of German-Ukrainian cooperations for education and research in photogrammetry and laser scanning

Understanding COVID-19 through adverse outcome pathways - 2nd CIAO AOP Design Workshop.

Analysis and Evaluation of Optimized Lower Limb Prosthetic Device

513 Young patients with hypersomnia at Tufts Medical Center

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Immediate effects of vibration biofeedback on ankle kinematics in people with chronic ankle instability.

Characteristics of ground reaction force and frontal body movement during failed trials of single-leg lateral drop jump-landing task

Transient cell stiffening triggered by magnetic nanoparticle exposure

Important Role of Mycorrhiza for Seed Germination and Growth of Dendrobium Orchids

Muscle-Tendon Behavior and Kinetics in Gastrocnemius Medialis During Forefoot and Rearfoot Strike Running.

Fine-wire electromyography of the transverse head of adductor hallucis during locomotion.

The Influence of Asymptomatic Hypermobility on Unanticipated Cutting Biomechanics.

Test-retest reliability of entire time-series data from hip, knee and ankle kinematics and kinetics during one-leg hops for distance: Analyses using integrated pointwise indices.

High-speed fluoroscopic imaging for investigation of three-dimensional knee kinematics before and after marathon running.

Dimeric phosphorylation of glyoxalase I alters its symmetry and substrate binding mechanism: simulation studies.

Side-hops challenge knee control in the frontal and transversal plane more than hops for distance or height among ACL-reconstructed individuals.

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