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Designing effective public engagement: the case study of Future Melbourne 2026

Making Knowledge Work: The Function of Public Knowledge Organizations in the Netherlands

The Promise Initiative: Promoting a trauma-informed police response to sexual assault in a mid-size Southern community.

Client Experiences of Trauma-Informed Care in Social Service Agencies

International migration of health labour: monitoring the two-way flow of physicians in South Africa

Innovating resilience promotion: Integrating cultural practices, social ecologies and development-sensitive conceptual strategies for advancing child well-being.

Understanding the supports needed for policy implementation: a comparative analysis of the placement of intermediaries across three mental health systems

Communicating Meaning in the Intelligence Enterprise

Unwarranted Stigma: Economic Impact of Community College Education

Considerations for upscaling individual effects of wind energy development towards population-level impacts on wildlife.

Early identification of youth with problematic sexual behavior: A qualitative study.

Population Health and Trauma-Informed Practice: Implications for Programs, Systems, and Policies.

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Informed Policies 정보에 입각한 정책

Informed Policies 정보에 입각한 정책
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