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Systematic derivation of hydrodynamic equations for viscoelastic phase separation

Dynamic Aeroelastic Response of Stall-Controlled Wind Turbine Rotors in Turbulent Wind Conditions

Glow in the Dark: Smartphone Inertial Odometry for Vehicle Tracking in GPS Blocked Environments

Linking the explicit probability of entrainment of instrumented particles to flow hydrodynamics

Collective orientation of an immobile fish school and effect on rheotaxis.

A Sensory Instrumented Particle for Environmental Monitoring Applications: Development and Calibration

Fission dynamics of Pu 240 from saddle to scission and beyond

Current-Induced Dynamics of the Antiferromagnetic Skyrmion and Skyrmionium

Пространственно-временная симметрия броуновских моторов, управляемых дихотомным процессом

Turning in Worm-Like Robots: The Geometry of Slip Elimination Suggests Nonperiodic Waves.

Analytical modeling and inertia estimation of VSG-controlled Type 4 WTGs: Power system frequency response investigation

Rototaxis: localization of active motion under rotation

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Inertial Dynamics 관성 역학

Inertial Dynamics 관성 역학
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