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Estimating Production Functions with Partially Latent Inputs

Using Monotonicity Restrictions to Identify Models with Partially Latent Covariates

Industry Structure sentence examples within Agricultural Industry Structure

The Dynamic Effects of Agricultural Insurance Development on the Optimization of Agricultural Industrial Structure—Generalized Method of Moments Estimation Based on Dynamic Panel Model

A Study on the Influence of Agricultural Insurance on the Upgrading and Optimization of Agricultural Industrial Structure in China-An Empirical Analysis Based on GMM Model of Panel System

Industry Structure sentence examples within Different Industry Structure

Organic agriculture and structural investment: innovative proportions of the food sector

Bundling in a Symmetric Bertrand Duopoly

Industry Structure sentence examples within Marine Industry Structure

Financial aspects of marine economic growth: From the perspective of coastal provinces and regions in China

Efficiency Measurement and Determinant Factors of Marine Economy in China: Based on the Belt and Road Perspective

Industry Structure sentence examples within Energy Industry Structure

Automated system for cleaning solar panels based on a linear actuator

Design and simulation of a novel hybrid solar-biomass energy supply system in northwest China

Industry Structure sentence examples within Upgrading Industry Structure

Reduction of air pollutants and associated mortality during and after the COVID-19 lockdown in China: Impacts and implications

The Improvement of Air Quality and Associated Mortality during the COVID-19 Lockdown in One Megacity of China: An Empirical Strategy

Industry Structure sentence examples within Secondary Industry Structure

Can China’s Resource-Saving and Environmentally Friendly Society Really Improve the Efficiency of Industrial Land Use?

Rural Economic Development Based on Shift-Share Analysis in a Developing Country: A Case Study in Heilongjiang Province, China

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Criminogenic Dynamics of the Construction Industry: A State-Corporate Crime Perspective

Criminogenic Dynamics of the Construction Industry: A State-Corporate Crime Perspective

Industry Structure sentence examples within industry structure adjustment

Unraveling the Water-Energy-Food-Environment Nexus for Climate Change Adaptation in Iran: Urmia Lake Basin Case-Study

The impact of cross-region industrial structure optimization on economy, carbon emissions and energy consumption: A case of the Yangtze River Delta.

Evaluating the Effect of Government Emission Reduction Policy: Evidence from Demonstration Cities in China

The drivers associated with Murray-Darling Basin irrigators’ future farm adaptation strategies

Spatial–temporal distribution of air-pollution-intensive industries and its social-economic driving mechanism in Zhejiang Province, China: a framework of spatial econometric analysis

Poison or Cure? a Study on the Periodic Sponge Effect in Denmark’s Tourism Industry

Impact of weather on cow-calf industry locations and production in the United States

Sustained Competitive Advantage Based on Industry-Specific Institutional Frameworks

Mega-disruptions and policy change: Lessons from the mobility sector in response to the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK

Urbanization-induced spatio-temporal variation of water resources utilization in northwestern China: A spatial panel model based approach

Inclusive finance, industrial structure upgrading and farmers’ income: Empirical analysis based on provincial panel data in China

Constructing Cluster-Network Relations in the Oil Sector Based on a Neural Network Model in the Context of Digitalization

Discerning drivers and future reduction paths of energy-related CO2 emissions in China: combining EKC with three-layer LMDI

Discussion on the Flexible Manufacturing and Operation Strategy Model for a Machine Tool Component Company in Taiwan

Amazon Go convenience stores: skip the lines

Industry informational interactions and corporate fraud

Analysis of the development of the Hong Kong industry in comparison with the structure of the Shanghai industry

Method for analyzing spatial organization of information for predicting anthropogenic impact on environment

The dragon down under: The regional labour market impact of growth in Chinese imports to Australia

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Recommended Practices to Eliminate Campylobacter from Live Birds and Chicken Meat in Japan

Background for forming a unified methodological approach to risk assessment of new transport construction projects

Modeling COVID-19 spreading dynamics and unemployment rate evolution in rural and urban counties of Alabama and New York using fractional derivative models

Labor Dynamics and Supply Chain Disruption in Food Manufacturing

Improving the Prediction of Clinical Success Using Machine Learning

Inter-Firm Patent Litigation and Innovation Competition


Contribution of the Optimization of Financial Structure to the Real Economy: Evidence from China’s Financial System Using TVP-VAR Model

Driving Factors of CO2 Emissions: Further Study Based on Machine Learning

Exploring a leading and lagging regions dichotomy: does entrepreneurship and diversity explain it?

Market convergence from a start-up perspective: The case of probiotics

Occurrence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in wastewater of major cities across China in 2014 and 2016.

A preliminary assessment of indirect impacts on aquaculture species health and welfare in Scotland during COVID-19 lockdown.

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About tax benefits for non-state pension funds in the securities market and methodology for assessing their effectiveness

Policy Impact on Regional Biogas Using a Modular Modeling Tool

Housing Yields

A Unified Business Model Canvas for Digital Intermediaries in Tourism Industry

Теория отраслевых рынков: проблема определения предметной области

What are the main factors that influence China’s energy intensity?—Based on aggregate and firm-level data

Cost Control of Real Estate Companies in the Era of Big Data

Research on Clothing Rental Model under Sharing Economy

A big-data driven approach to analyzing and modeling human mobility trend under non-pharmaceutical interventions during COVID-19 pandemic

Resilience of a Territory: Concept, Measurement, Governance

Regional interaction of lung cancer incidence influenced by PM2.5 in China.

Sustainable Development of Sports Media Industry in Hunan Province under the New Normal

The Impact of Economic Specialization on Regional Economic Development in the European Union: Insights for Formation of Smart Specialization Strategy

Statistics on the Industry Structure of the Russian Economy and its Optimization Model

Market strategies for large-scale energy storage: Vertical integration versus stand-alone player

A Novel Method for the Complex Tube System Reconstruction and Measurement

Demand Response: Smart Market Designs for Smart Consumers

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