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Transcriptomic analysis of quinoa reveals a group of germin-like proteins induced by Trichoderma

An alternative empirical function to predict air–water mixture bulk modulus for numerical modeling of liquefaction behavior of induced partially saturated sands

Tidal Oscillation and Resonance in Semi-Closed Estuaries—Empirical Analyses from the Elbe Estuary, North Sea

Characterization of the stability indices of a methanol induced partially premixed diesel dual fuel operation under varying split injection profiles: An experimental endeavour

Platinum redistribution in the Ni0.9Pt0.1/InP system: Impact on solid-state reaction and layer morphology

Field-insensitive giant dynamic piezoelectric response and its structural origin in (Ba,Ca)(Ti,Zr)O3 tetragonal-orthorhombic phase-boundary ceramics

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Induced Partially 부분적으로 유도됨

Induced Partially 부분적으로 유도됨
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