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Associations between the indoor microbiome, environmental characteristics and respiratory infections in junior high school students of Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Indoor bacterial, fungal and viral species and functional genes in urban and rural schools in Shanxi Province, China–association with asthma, rhinitis and rhinoconjunctivitis in high school students

Association of indoor microbial aerosols with respiratory symptoms among under-five children: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Microbial, environmental and anthropogenic factors influencing the indoor microbiome of the built environment

Classroom microbiome, functional pathways and sick-building syndrome (SBS) in urban and rural schools - Potential roles of indoor microbial amino acids and vitamin metabolites.

House dust microbiome and human health risks

Impacts of indoor surface finishes on bacterial viability

Indoor Microbiome and Airborne Pathogens

From one species to another: A review on the interaction between chemistry and microbiology in relation to cleaning in the built environment

Moving towards a Robust Definition for a “Healthy” Indoor Microbiome

Azteca ants maintain unique microbiomes across functionally distinct nest chambers

A new DTAR (diversity–time–area relationship) model demonstrated with the indoor microbiome

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Indoor Microbiome 실내 미생물군집

Indoor Microbiome 실내 미생물군집
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