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[Stroke Unit- / Stroke Center Care].

Advanced Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Neoplasms: Which Systemic Treatment Should I Start With?

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Political will, political behavior and career success: The role of political climate and supervisor political support

The implementation of a pharmacy residency program – A qualitative study on the diffusion of an innovation

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Improvement of transitional care from hospital to home for older patients, the TIGER study: protocol of a randomised controlled trial

Self-Care Experiences of Adolescents with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

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ePRO-based individual follow-up care for women treated for early breast cancer: impact on service use and workflows

Patient-centeredness in the multimorbid elderly: a focus group study

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Bioinformatic identification of genomic instability-associated lncRNAs signatures for improving the clinical outcome of cervical cancer by a prognostic model

COVID-19: protocol for observational studies utilizing near real-time electronic Australian general practice data to promote effective care and best-practice policy—a design thinking approach

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Capabilities in care for older adults in Finnish familialistic policy transformations: a longitudinal, one-case study

Technology-Assisted Home Care for People With Dementia and Their Relatives: Scoping Review

Contents related to nursing professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic on the Youtube™ platform.

Artistic movement membership and the career profiles of Canadian painters

Research on the Influence Mechanism of Career Insecurity on Individual Career Dynamics

Comparing the Risk Attitudes of Internationally Mobile and Non-Mobile Germans

Health and Protective Measures for Seniors during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Opinion of Polish Society

Suicide postvention in the oil industry: innovation in mental health and care with life in the world of work

Group prenatal care and improved birth outcomes: Results from a type 1 hybrid effectiveness-implementation study.

Integration of hotel management education and innovative entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities

Data Scientist Professional Revisited: Competences Definition and Assessment, Curriculum and Education Path Design

Implementation of a standard outcome set in perinatal care: a qualitative analysis of barriers and facilitators from all stakeholder perspectives

Women’s Transition to Entrepreneurs from Professional and Managerial Careers in Organizations

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American Exceptionalism in the Time of COVID-19: American National Identity-Based Populism Versus Cosmopolitan Global Integration Responses to Twenty-First-Century Global Crises

Eventration in Green Iguana (Iguana iguana)

Evaluation of the acceptability of patient-reported outcome measures in women following pelvic floor procedures

Managing clinical uncertainty in older people towards the end of life: a systematic review of person-centred tools

Карьерный капитал: концептуальные подходы

Curriculum Design and Scholarship for New Educators: A Professional Development Workshop for Medical Students

Novel model to teach health care delivery in geriatrics.

Family firm CEOs: human capital and career success

Individualized Health Care for Older Diabetes Patients from the Perspective of Health Professionals and Service Consumers

Challenges of Sustaining Malaria Community Case Management in 81 Township Hospitals along the China-Myanmar Border Region — Yunnan Province, China, 2020

Strategy to Identify Priority Groups for COVID-19 Vaccination: A Population Based Cohort Study

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Unemployment and Work Subjectivities in Argentina

A Survey-Based Education Needs Analysis of Employment Support Programs for Hospitality Undergraduate Students

Contemporary career orientations and career self-management: A review and integration

Как учатся взрослые: факторы выбора образовательных программ

Self-control and coping responses are mediating factors between child behavior difficulties and parental stress and family impact in caregivers of children with severe epilepsy

Understanding the complexities of antibiotic prescribing behaviour in acute hospitals: a systematic review and meta-ethnography

Career Guidance of Disabled People in Sustainable Education Content: Research Experience and Development Prospects

[The work process for community health agents: contributions to care in remote rural territories in Amazonia, Brazil].

[Intracerebral haemorrhage - acute event and chronic disease].

Does Smart Farming Improve or Damage Animal Welfare? Technology and What Animals Want

Synchronized Bursts of Productivity And Success In Individual Careers

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Individual Care 개별 케어

Individual Care 개별 케어
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