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Accuracy and Precision of Acetabular Component Placement With Imageless Navigation in Obese Patients.

PD-1+ melanocortin receptor dependent-Treg cells prevent autoimmune disease

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Relationships between radiographic parameters and spinopelvic muscles in adult spinal deformity patients

Physical Therapy Outcome Measures for Assessment of Lower Extremity Chronic Pain-Related Function in Pediatrics

Quality Index of Supervised Data for Convolutional Neural Network-Based Localization

The Impact of Testosterone on Metformin Action on Hypothalamic‐Pituitary‐Thyroid Axis Activity in Men: A Pilot Study

Scientific Quality Index: a composite size-independent metric compared with h-index for 480 medical researchers

A Time-Integrated Index for Flood Risk to Resistance Capacity

A panel of a mitogenic (PDGF), biochemical (albumin) and demographic (age) parameters for the non-invasive assessment of hepatic fibrosis

Prognostic value of right pulmonary artery distensibility in dogs with pulmonary hypertension

Urinary T cells correlate with rate of renal function loss in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

A Novel Concept of the Management of Coronary Artery Disease Patients Based on Machine Learning Risk Stratification and Computational Biomechanics: Preliminary Results of SMARTool Project

Normal values of the pulmonary artery acceleration time (PAAT) and the right ventricular ejection time (RVET) in children and adolescents and the impact of the PAAT/RVET-index in the assessment of pulmonary hypertension

HWA1- and HWA2-Mediated Hybrid Weakness in Rice Involves Cell Death, Reactive Oxygen Species Accumulation, and Disease Resistance-Related Gene Upregulation

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Index Correlate 인덱스 상관 관계

Index Correlate 인덱스 상관 관계
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