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Incipient Faults sentence examples within Detect Incipient Faults

MODWT and VMD Based Intelligent Gearbox Early Stage Fault Detection Approach

Recursive Correlative Statistical Analysis Method with Sliding Windows for Incipient Fault Detection

Incipient Faults sentence examples within Bearing Incipient Faults

Performance of Envelope Demodulation for Bearing Damage Detection on CWRU Accelerometric Data: Kurtogram and Traditional Indicators vs. Targeted a Posteriori Band Indicators

Adaptive maximum second-order cyclostationarity blind deconvolution and its application for locomotive bearing fault diagnosis

Incipient Faults sentence examples within Detecting Incipient Faults

Minimum Distance-Based Detection of Incipient Induction Motor Faults Using Rayleigh Quotient Spectrum of Conditioned Vibration Signal

A Local Mahalanobis Distance Analysis Based Methodology for Incipient Fault Diagnosis

Incipient Faults sentence examples within Identifying Incipient Faults

Systems Health Monitoring: Integrating FMEA into Bayesian Networks

EMD and MCSA Improved via Hilbert Transform Analysis on Asynchronous Machines for Broken Bar Detection Using Vibration Analysis

Incipient Faults sentence examples within Identify Incipient Faults

Multi-block dynamic weighted principal component regression strategy for dynamic plant-wide process monitoring

Intelligent Incipient Fault Detection in Wind Turbines based on Industrial IoT Environment

Incipient Faults sentence examples within Typical Incipient Faults

A multi-fault diagnostic method based on acceleration signal for a hydraulic axial piston pump

A Vibration Signal-Based Method for Fault Identification and Classification in Hydraulic Axial Piston Pumps

Incipient Faults sentence examples within Diagnose Incipient Faults

Condition Monitoring and Feature Extraction of Stator Current Phasors for Enhanced Fault Diagnosis in AC Drive

A Decision Transformer Fault Diagnostics System Based on Dissolved Gas Analysis

Incipient Faults sentence examples within Transformer Incipient Faults

Application of Logistic Regression Algorithm in the Interpretation of Dissolved Gas Analysis for Power Transformers

Detection of Incipient Fault in Transformer using DGA Based Integrated Intelligent Method

Incipient Faults sentence examples within incipient faults within


Estimation of Transmission Line Parameters Using Voltage-Current Measurements and Whale Optimization Algorithm

Incipient Faults sentence examples within incipient faults developed

Application of bispectrum analysis to detect faults in helical geared system

Experimental Investigations to Analyze Surface Contact Fatigue Wear by Using a Dynamic Response of the Roller Bearing System

Incipient Fault Diagnosis of Batch Process Based on Deep Time Series Feature Extraction

An Unsupervised Learning Approach to Condition Assessment on a Wound-Rotor Induction Generator

A Sequential Bayesian Approach to Online Power Quality Anomaly Segmentation

Low-Rank Characteristic and Temporal Correlation Analytics for Incipient Industrial Fault Detection With Missing Data

A similarity-based framework for incipient fault detection in underground power cables

An Experimental Setup for Monitoring Distribution Transformer Health

Incipient Fault Detection for Air Brake System of High-Speed Trains

Power transformer faults diagnosis using undestructive methods (Roger and IEC) and artificial neural network for dissolved gas analysis applied on the functional transformer in the Algerian north-eastern: a comparative study

A Comparison of Machine Health Indicators Based on the Impulsiveness of Vibration Signals

Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) based modelling of incipient steam generator tube rupture diagnosis

Recurrent Faults Identification in Medium Voltage Distribution System for Fault Early Warning

Diagnostics of Electro-Mechanical Actuators Based Upon the Back-EMF Reconstruction

Fault Evolution Monitoring of an In-Service Wind Turbine DFIG Using Windowed Scalogram Difference

Rotor fault diagnosis of frequency inverter fed or line-connected induction motors using mutual information

SoH Analysis of the Lead Acid (LA) Battery Using a Novel Vibration Tool

A statistical-based criterion for incipient fault detection in underground power cables established on voltage waveform characteristics

Principal Component Analysis-Based Ensemble Detector for Incipient Faults in Dynamic Processes

Implementation of Self-Organizing Map and Logistic Regression in Dissolved Gas Analysis of Transformer oils

Online Incipient Fault Detection Method Based on Improved ℓ1 Trend Filtering and Support Vector Data Description

Adaptive Weighted Signal Preprocessing Technique for Machine Health Monitoring

Multipoint Optimal Minimum Entropy Deconvolution and Teager energy operator for the incipient fault diagnosis of planetary gearbox

A Satellite Incipient Fault Detection Method Based on Decomposed Kullback–Leibler Divergence

Deep Multi-Instance Contrastive Learning with Dual Attention for Anomaly Precursor Detection

The effects of the operating conditions and tooth fault on gear vibration signature

Penerapan Metode Forward Chaining Dalam Sistem Pakar Diagnosis Kerusakan Transformator Distribusi Pada PT. PLN ULP Labuan

Synchronous Waveform Measurements to Locate Transient Events and Incipient Faults in Power Distribution Networks

Incipient fault detection of chiller based on improved CVA

Incipient fault detection benefited from voting fusion strategy on analysis of process variation

Turn-to-Turn Fault Diagnosis on Three-Phase Power Transformer Using Hybrid Detection Algorithm

Failure Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance of Hydraulic Cylinder - State-of-the-Art Review

Canonical Variate Residuals-Based Fault Diagnosis for Slowly Evolving Faults

Cable Incipient Fault Identification with a Sparse Autoencoder and a Deep Belief Network

Diagnosis Approach for Incipient Faults of Rolling Bearings Under Sectional Jumping Speed

Incipient Fault Diagnosis in Stator Winding of Synchronous Generator: A CMFFLC Technique

Fault Detection and Estimation for a Class of Nonlinear Distributed Parameter Systems

Detecting Intermittent Faults with Moving Average Techniques

Modeling and Detection of Inter-turn Faults in Distribution Transformer

Recursive Exponential Slow Feature Analysis for Fine-Scale Adaptive Processes Monitoring With Comprehensive Operation Status Identification

No-codes scoring diagnostic method for DGA of power transformer

Application of Optoelectronic Technique for Detection of Air Corona, Surface Discharges at Cable Termination and End winding of Stator Coil

Detecting and Diagnosing Incipient Building Faults Using Uncertainty Information from Deep Neural Networks

Analog Circuit Incipient Fault Diagnosis Using Deep Neural Network

A Novel Autonomous Technique for Early Fault Detection on Overhead Power Lines

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Incipient Fault Detection, Diagnosis, and Prognosis using Canonical Variate Dissimilarity Analysis

Incipient Faults Monitoring in Underground Medium Voltage Cables of Distribution Systems Based on a Two-Step Strategy

Data-driven Detection and Diagnosis of Incipient Faults in Electrical Drives of High-Speed Trains

A modified neighborhood preserving embedding-based incipient fault detection with applications to small-scale cyber-physical systems.