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Features and Consequences of Isopropanol Burning off PTFE-rGO Aerogels.

Detection of exogenous sugars in pineapple juice using compound-specific stable hydrogen isotope analysis

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MOBIUS: Model-Oblivious Binarized Neural Networks

Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of using monocular, binocular and panoramic night vision goggles in successful venous access in darkness

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Biosorption the recovery and analysis of rare earth elements and platinum group metals from real samples. A review

Depolymerization of polyamide 6 in hydrophilic ionic liquids

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An approach toward evaluation of long-term fission product distributions in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant after the severe accident

Improved Synthesis of the Antitubercular Agent SQ109

On Modeling Greenhouse Air-Temperature: an Experimental Validation

Maternal perceptions of cesarean birth care: A qualitative study to inform ERAS guideline development.

Development of Estimation and Forecasting Method in Intelligent Decision Support Systems

Tactile Interaction with a Humanoid Robot: Effects on Physiology and Subjective Impressions

Damped test vehicle for scanning bridge frequencies: Theory, simulation and experiment

Expected seismic performance of gravity dams using machine learning techniques

Improved Vehicle Detection Systems with Double-Layer LSTM Modules

Calibration of Visible Light Positioning Systems with a Mobile Robot

New rules or old concepts? The golden jackal (Canis aureus) and its legal status in Central Europe

Improvement of the method of estimation and forecasting of the state of the monitoring object in intelligent decision support systems

Autotriploid and allotriploid abalone larvae (Haliotis discus hannai and H. discus hannai ♀ × Haliotis fulgens ♂) produced by two chemical methods

Recent Advances in the Synthesis of β-Carboline Alkaloids

Human error probability analysis using Success Likelihood Index Method (SLIM) approach in grinding activities

Measurements and applications of δ2H values of wood lignin methoxy groups for paleoclimatic studies

Influence of the weight coefficients of measurements on the consistency of the assessment and calculation results of the power supply system steady-state operation conditions


An Improved Procedure for Strongly Coupled Prediction of Sailing Yacht Performance

What Does the Economic Burden of Acute Myeloid Leukemia Treatment Look Like for the Next Decade? An Analysis of Key Findings, Challenges and Recommendations

An improved variable selection procedure for adaptive Lasso in high-dimensional survival analysis

Risk Management of a Social Project: an Algorithm and a Business-case

On the fracture mechanics based development of cleavage fracture resistance criteria for the materials of large-size welded structures

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Progress of extended endoscopic sinus surgery

Efficient implementation of periodic boundary conditions in Monte Carlo simulation

Tie-force procedure for disproportionate collapse prevention of CLT platform-type construction

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Extensive 99% Killer Defect Free 4H-SiC Epitaxial Layer toward High Current Large Chip Devices

Development of a Phage Display Panning Strategy Utilizing Crude Antigens: Isolation of MERS-CoV Nucleoprotein human antibodies

Biohybrids for spinal cord injury repair

Analytical and numerical investigations on the penetration of rigid projectiles into the foam core sandwich panels with aluminum face-sheets

Hydrate Induction Time with Temperature Steps: A Novel Method for the Determination of Kinetic Parameters

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[Application study on improving the methods of endotracheal cuff pressure measurement to prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia].

A Scalable, One-Pot Synthesis of 1,2,3,4,5-Pentacarbomethoxycyclopentadiene.

An improved protocol for ICP-MS-based assessment of the cellular uptake of metal-based nanoparticles.

Experience Matters: The Effects of Hypothetical versus Experiential Delays and Magnitudes on Impulsive Choice in Delay Discounting Tasks

Efficient local-region approach for high-resolution remote-sensing image retrieval and classification

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Extraction of plasticizers: An entire and reproducible quantification method for historical cellulose acetate material

Exploring the role of trade facilitation in supporting integrity in trade

Outstanding heat loss via nano-octahedra above 20 nm in size: from wustite-rich nanoparticles to magnetite single-crystals.

Measuring Insight in the Classroom

Local-Entropy Based Approach for X-Ray Image Segmentation and Fracture Detection

Diversity-oriented submonomer synthesis of azapeptides mediated by the Mitsunobu reaction

Double Time-Memory Trade-Off in OSK RFID Protocol

Asymmetric α-alkylation of cyclic β-keto esters and β-keto amides by phase-transfer catalysis.

Characterisation of footpad lesions in organic and conventional broilers.

A modified trace metal detection test for secondary imprints on porous substrates: A preliminary study.

Innovative cementing agents, used as alternatives to conventional soil stabilisers

Chapter 3:Organometallic Chemistry in Flow in the Pharmaceutical Industry

An improved procedure to implement NSGA-III in coordinate waste management for urban agglomeration

Stability and vibrations of an overcritical speed moving multiple discrete oscillators along an infinite continuous structure

MARS-seq2.0: an experimental and analytical pipeline for indexed sorting combined with single-cell RNA sequencing

Forecasting Stress-Strain Behavior of a Thermally-Stabilized Base

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Improved Procedure 개선된 절차

Improved Procedure 개선된 절차
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