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A Hybrid Modeling Technique of Epidemic Outbreaks with Application to COVID-19 Dynamics in West Africa

The effect of aviation responses to the control of imported COVID-19 cases

Moderate vs. mild cases of overseas-imported COVID-19 in Beijing: a retrospective cohort study

COVID-19: lessons and experiences from South Africa’s first surge

Unlocking Islamic social finance to assist micro small medium enterprises in Brunei Darussalam

Continental transmission of emerging COVID-19 on the 38° north latitude

Epidemiological Characteristics of Imported COVID-19 Cases, March to December 2020, Chengdu, China: Implication for Quarantine and Isolation of International Travelers

Clinical Characteristics of Foreign-Imported COVID-19 Cases in Xi’an, China

COVID-19 Vaccination Program in China: a Subnational Descriptive Analysis on Target Population Size and Current Progress

Epidemiological characteristics of imported cases of COVID-19 from Association of Southeast Asian Nations countries to China

Optimal use of COVID19 Ag-RDT screening at border crossings to prevent community transmission: a modeling analysis

Considerations and a call to action for the use of noncontact forehead infrared handheld thermometers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Effectiveness of interventions as part of the One Health approach to control coronavirus disease 2019 and stratified case features in Anhui Province, China: A real-world population-based cohort study

Estimating the quarantine failure rate for COVID-19

An Insight of the First Community Infected COVID-19 Patient in Beijing by Imported Case: Role of Deep Learning-Assisted CT Diagnosis

A survey of a COVID-19 cluster of charter flight importation

Estimating the Instantaneous Asymptomatic Proportion With a Simple Approach: Exemplified With the Publicly Available COVID-19 Surveillance Data in Hong Kong

Exploration of transmission chain and prevention of the recurrence of coronavirus disease 2019 in Heilongjiang Province due to in-hospital transmission

Epidemiological Characteristics and Core Containment Measures of Imported COVID-19 Cases from Abroad in Early Phase in Guangdong, China

Thymosin as a possible therapeutic drug for COVID-19: A case report

Epidemiological characteristics of imported cases of coronavirus disease 2019 in Chengdu, Sichuan

In-flight transmission of wild-type SARS-CoV-2 and the outbreak potential of imported clusters of COVID-19: a review of published evidence

Sustainable border control policy in the COVID-19 pandemic: A math modeling study

High body mass index is a significant risk factor for the progression and prognosis of imported COVID-19: a multicenter, retrospective cohort study

Comparison of severe and critical COVID-19 patients imported from Russia with and without influenza A infection in Heilongjiang Province: a retrospective study

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Imported Covid 19 수입 코로나19

Imported Covid 19 수입 코로나19
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