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Thermo-Mechanical Vibration Analysis of Imperfect Inhomogeneous Beams Based on a Four-Variable Refined Shear Deformation Beam Theory Considering Neutral Surface Position

An analytical solution for bending and free vibration responses of functionally graded beams with porosities: Effect of the micromechanical models

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Large deformation behavior of functionally graded porous curved beams in thermal environment

Investigation of thermal preloading and porosity effects on the nonlocal nonlinear instability of FG nanobeams with geometrical imperfection

Modeling and analysis of the imperfect FGM-damaged RC hybrid beams

Analytical and Numerical Investigation of Free Vibration Behavior for Sandwich Plate with Functionally Graded Porous Metal Core

Buckling and Post-Buckling Analysis of Geometrically Imperfect FGM Pin-Ended Tubes Surrounded by Nonlinear Elastic Medium Under Compressive and Thermal Loads

Thermo-hygro-mechanical bending and vibration of functionally graded material microbeams with microporosity defect

Thermal buckling and post-buckling analysis of geometrically imperfect FGM clamped tubes on nonlinear elastic foundation

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Isogeometric analysis for size-dependent nonlinear thermal stability of porous FG microplates

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Imperfect Fg 불완전한 Fg

Imperfect Fg 불완전한 Fg
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