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Imperfect Csi sentence examples within perfect channel state

Trajectory Design for UAV-Based Internet-of-Things Data Collection: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach

Rate Splitting With Finite Constellations: The Benefits of Interference Exploitation vs Suppression

Imperfect Csi sentence examples within channel state information

Secure Cognitive Radio Communication via Intelligent Reflecting Surface

Collaborative Machine Learning at the Wireless Edge with Blind Transmitters

Imperfect Csi sentence examples within channel estimation error

Distributed Resource Allocation for SWIPT-based Cognitive Ad-Hoc Networks

Matrix-Monotonic Optimization $-$ Part I: Single-Variable Optimization

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Imperfect Csi sentence examples within bit error rate

Generic BER Analysis of VLC Channels Impaired by 3D User-Mobility and Imperfect CSI

Two-Way AF MIMO Multi-Relay System Design Using MMSE-DFE Techniques

Imperfect Csi sentence examples within power allocation scheme

Power Allocation Based on Geometric Programming for Non-orthogonal Multiple Access Heterogeneous Networks

Optimal Power Allocation for Secure Transmission with Both Internal and External Eavesdroppers

Imperfect Csi sentence examples within secrecy sum rate

Secure multiuser MIMO communication systems with imperfect channel state information

Multi-Cell Processing and Artificial Noise for Secure Transmission in Downlink Multi-cell MIMO Systems under Imperfect CSI

Imperfect Csi sentence examples within achievable sum rate

Performance Analysis of Linear Precoding in Downlink Based on Polynomial Expansion on massive MIMO systems

Imperfect Csi sentence examples within Under Imperfect Csi

Is Multipath Channel Beneficial for Wideband Massive MIMO With Low-Resolution ADCs?

Performance Analysis of Massive Multi-input and Multi-output with Imperfect Channel State Information

Imperfect Csi sentence examples within Considering Imperfect Csi

Joint Channel Assignment and Power Allocation for NOMA-based D2D Communications with Imperfect CSI

Secrecy Ensured Socially Aware Resource Allocation in Device-to-Device Communications Underlaying HetNet

Imperfect Csi sentence examples within imperfect csi case

Interference Subspace Alignment-Based Precoding Design for Multi-Cell Multi-User Systems

Joint Beamforming and Power-Splitting Design for Cooperative Nonorthogonal Multicast

Imperfect Csi sentence examples within imperfect csi condition

Spectral Efficient Beamforming for mmWave MISO Systems using Deep Learning Techniques

Spectral Efficiency of MU-Massive MIMO System for Perfect and Imperfect CSI Condition

Imperfect Csi sentence examples within imperfect csi scenario

Millimeter Wave Communications with an Intelligent Reflector: Performance Optimization and Distributional Reinforcement Learning

Design and Performance Analysis of a New STBC-MIMO LoRa System

Imperfect Csi sentence examples within imperfect csi availability

Robust Active and Passive Beamformer Design for IRS-aided Downlink MISO PS-SWIPT with a Nonlinear Energy Harvesting Model

An Iterative Semi-Blind Channel Estimation Scheme and Uplink Spectral Efficiency of Pilot Contaminated One-Bit Massive MIMO Systems

Imperfect Csi sentence examples within imperfect csi environment

Power allocation for D2D aided cooperative NOMA system with imperfect CSI

Robust Beamforming Design for SWIPT-Enabled Hierarchical Cognitive Radio Networks

Imperfect Csi sentence examples within imperfect csi estimation

ABEP Evaluation of Spatial Modulation Communication Systems: Improved Analytical Framework

Resource Allocation for Wireless Power Transmission Over Full-Duplex OFDMA/NOMA Mobile Wireless Networks

Robust Secure Energy-Efficiency Optimization in SWIPT-Aided Heterogeneous Networks With a Nonlinear Energy-Harvesting Model

Joint Task Offloading and Resource Allocation for NOMA-Enabled Multi-Access Mobile Edge Computing

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Dealing with CSI Compression to Reduce Losses and Overhead: An Artificial Intelligence Approach

More Imperfect Csi 불완전한 CSI sentence examples

On the Convergence Time of Federated Learning Over Wireless Networks Under Imperfect CSI

Artificial-Noise-Aided Space–Time Line Code for Enhancing Physical Layer Security of Multiuser MIMO Downlink Transmission

Downlink Resource Allocation in Multiuser Cell-free MIMO Networks with User-centric Clustering

Joint Client Scheduling and Resource Allocation Under Channel Uncertainty in Federated Learning

Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access for Hybrid VLC-RF Networks With Imperfect Channel State Information

Antenna Clustering for Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer in a MIMO Full-Duplex System: A Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Design

Resource Allocation Scheme in Multi-Antenna Systems With Hybrid Energy Supply

Rate-Splitting Multiple Access for Multigroup Multicast and Multibeam Satellite Systems

Covert Transmission Assisted by Intelligent Reflecting Surface

Robust Energy-Efficient Transmission for Wireless-Powered D2D Communication Networks

Joint Effects of Imperfect CSI and SIC on NOMA Based Satellite-Terrestrial Systems

Impact of IRS Phase Noise on Channel Estimation and Beamforming Design of Large MU-MISO Systems

WS-WiFi: Wired Synchronization for CSI Extraction on COTS-WiFi-Transceivers

Joint Beamforming for Integrated Mmwave Satellite-Terrestrial Self-Backhauled Networks

Energy-Efficient NOMA Multicasting System for Beyond 5G Cellular V2X Communications With Imperfect CSI

Outage Probability and Ergodic Capacity of User Clustering and Beamforming MIMO-NOMA Relay System With Imperfect CSI Over Nakagami-$m$ Fading Channels

Joint Information-Theoretic Secrecy and Covert Communication in the Presence of an Untrusted User and Warden

Performance of UAV assisted Multiuser Terrestrial-Satellite Communication System over Mixed FSO/RF Channels

Discrete Phase Shifters-Based Hybrid Precoding for Full-Duplex mmWave Relaying Systems

Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation for Multicarrier NOMA Systems with Imperfect CSI

RNN-Based Learning of Nonlinear Dynamic System Using Wireless IIoT Networks

Rate Splitting Multiple Access for Multi-Antenna Multi-Carrier Joint Communications and Jamming

Performance Evaluation of Incremental Relaying in Underlay Cognitive Radio Networks with Imperfect CSI

Distributionally Robust Chance-Constrained Backscatter Communication-Assisted Computation Offloading in WBANs

Robust Design for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Assisted Over-the-Air Computation

Robust Hybrid Precoding Design for Securing Millimeter-Wave IoT Networks Under Secrecy Outage Constraint

Achievable Rate Analysis of Millimeter Wave Channels with Random Coding Error Exponent

Deep Learning Based MIMO-NOMA Receiver Research

Exploiting wireless interference in heterogeneous networks

Energy Efficiency Optimization for Massive MIMO Backhaul Networks with Imperfect CSI and Full Duplex Small Cells

Performance Analysis of Massive MIMO Relay Systems With Variable-Resolution ADCs/DACs Over Spatially Correlated Channels

Robust MMSE Precoding and Power Allocation for Cell-Free Massive MIMO Systems

Robust Power Allocation for NOMA Heterogeneous Networks with EH under Imperfect CSI

A NOMA Scheme Using Oblique Projection for HetNet Uplink Under Perfect and Imperfect CSIR

Robust Adaptive Power Allocation for the Downlink of Multiple-Antenna Systems

Cancel-Decode-Encode Processing on Two-Way Cooperative NOMA Schemes in Realistic Conditions

Performance Analysis of a Semiblind Channel Estimator in One-Bit Massive MIMO Systems

Robust Resource Allocation Algorithm for Energy Harvesting-based D2D Communication Underlaying UAV-Assisted Networks

Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation for Secure Cognitive Radio Network With Delay QoS Guarantee

Investigating the Effects of Channel Estimation Errors in mmWave MIMO Precoding Systems

A channel state information updating method based on the first-order Gauss Markov model under time-varying underwater acoustic channel

Physical Layer Security with Non-Linear Energy Harvesting Relay

A novel enhanced bat optimization based energy efficiency and imperfect channel state information in cooperative MIMO‐AF systems

Robust Hybrid Analog/Digital Beamforming for Uplink Massive-MIMO with Imperfect CSI

Robust Secure SWIPT MISO

Distributed Resource Allocation for SWIPT-Enabled Cognitive Networks With and Without Perfect CSI

On Robust Precoder Design for Energy-Efficient MIMO-Cognitive Relay Networks

Secure SWIPT by Exploiting Constructive Interference and Artificial Noise

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Multiple Relay-Aided Massive MIMO NOMA

Secure Transmission for SWIPT IoT Systems With Full-Duplex IoT Devices

Downlink Transmit Power Analysis for Massive MIMO under Imperfect Channel State Information

A QoS-based Power Optimization for D2D underlaying Macro-Small Cellular Networks with Imperfect Channel Estimation

Low-overhead constant envelope precoding in multi-cell massive MIMO systems with pilot contamination

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On the Capacity of Block Fading Optical Wireless Channels

Linear Minimum Error Probability Detection for Massive MU-MIMO With Imperfect CSI in URLLC

Simple Decoded OFDM-QOSTBC Wireless System in the Presence of Nakagami Fading and Imperfect Channel Estimation

Joint Computing and Radio Resource Allocation in C-RAN Systems Under Imperfect CSI

NOMA-based Power Control Optimization with Constraint of Outage Probability in Cloud Radio Access Network

Worst case fair beamforming for multiple multicast groups in multicell networks

Secrecy Throughput Optimization for the WPCNs With Non-Linear EH Model

Cross-tier Interference Reduction in MIMO Heterogeneous Network with Imperfect CSI

Robust Interference Alignment in Multiuser MIMO Interference Channels with Imperfect Channel-State Information

Wireless MIMO Switching With Imperfect CSI in Frequency and Time Division Duplex

Robust Physical Layer Security for Power Domain Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access-Based HetNets and HUDNs: SIC Avoidance at Eavesdroppers

Spectrum Efficiency Optimization for Uplink Massive MIMO System with Imperfect Channel State Information

Robust Improper Signaling for Two-User SISO Interference Channels

Secure Energy-Efficient Transmission for SWIPT Intelligent Connected Vehicles With Imperfect CSI

Imperfect Csi 불완전한 CSI

Imperfect Csi 불완전한 CSI
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