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Soil amendments for immobilization of potentially toxic elements in contaminated soils: A critical review.

Experimental and theoretical elucidation of catalytic pathways in TiO2-initiated prebiotic polymerization.

Competitive sorption and availability of coexisting heavy metals in mining-contaminated soil: Contrasting effects of mesquite and fishbone biochars.

Bio-organic stabilizing agent shows promising prospect for the stabilization of cadmium in contaminated farmland soil

Immobilization-Enhanced Eradication of Bacterial Biofilms and in situ Antimicrobial Coating of Implant Material Surface – an in vitro Study

Production and Application of Highly Efficient and Reusable Palladium Nanocatalyst Decorated on the Magnetically Retrievable Chitosan/Activated Carbon Composite Microcapsules

Fractionation of REE, U, and Th in natural ore-forming hydrothermal systems: Thermodynamic modeling

Pilot Scale Use of Compost Combined with Sorbents to Phytostabilize Ni-Contaminated Soil Using Lolium perenne L.

Effect of basic oxygen furnace slag on succession of the bacterial community and immobilization of various metal ions in acidic contaminated mine soil.

Valorization of Lignin as an Immobilizing Agent for Bioinoculant Production using Azospirillum brasilense as a Model Bacteria

Bio-synthesis and structural characterization of highly stable silver nanoparticles decorated on a sustainable bio-composite for catalytic reduction of nitroarenes

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Immobilizing Agent 고정제

Immobilizing Agent 고정제
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